Say Aloe to healthy skin and hair with YLG Aloe vera gel


Indulge in the goodness of YLG Aloe vera gel thereby enhancing a glowing skin and luscious hair

Vaijayanti Balchandra, Co – Founder, YLG Salons and YLG Institute says that vibrantly colored green succulent sitting in your balcony can be the golden ticket to greater, thicker hair and younger-looking, acne-free skin.

Go wrinkle free
Aloe vera is extremely rich in vitamins C and E, essential for collagen production, which gives tighter, younger-looking skin. All that is needed is some aloe-vera gel and beaten egg-whites which are known to promote collagen production, mixed together to apply for 20 minutes until dry. Be sure to wash it off with luke-warm water to help effective removal of the product.

Glow from within
Start your day with a glass of aloe juice on an empty stomach as it is known to possess antibacterial properties that can cure indigestion and other gastric issues. In fact, drinking aloe-vera infused water throughout the day will help this process of detoxification.

Say Aloe to healthy hair
Aloe vera has been proven to have a similar make-up to that of keratin, an essential protein in hair. Therefore, aloe helps improve elasticity and prevent breakages in hair. It contains various enzymes that promote scalp health by repairing dead skin cells and promoting hair growth. Simply apply a mixture of YLG aloe gel with olive oil or coconut oil and massage it onto your scalp and ends. Leave it in for 30 to 40 minutes before washing it off with cold water to enjoy silky smooth, thicker looking hair.

Wave off that acne
Aloe vera comes with a bag of benefits as it is extremely cooling, especially when combined with other soothing ingredients such as cucumber and honey. For effective results, blend cucumber juice with Aloe vera gel and honey and apply to affected areas. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off gently without any scrubbing.

Replenish your skin
Aloe vera is referred as a miracle herb for its antiseptic properties as it is effective in treating wounds, cuts, burns and dry skin. Simply add some honey to the aloe and apply the mixture onto dry affected areas and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before washing. A non-sticky alternative is to apply pure Aloe vera gel right out of the shower as it will allow maximum absorption.


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