Shaan Muttahil’s make-up artistry from bridal to bollywood


After making it into the industry Shaan Muttathil is all set to share his knowledge through social media and masterclasses.

Acing the bridal make-up for Eiesha Mittal gave him his first lucky break and now, there’s no stopping for Shaan Muttathil. Here’s a look at the pro beauty tips by this down-to-earth glamour guru.

What’s ‘Beauty’ to you? How will you define beauty in one word?
I don’t believe in outer beauty. I believe in inner beauty as real beauty comes from within. With make-up, you can make anything beautiful. One word for beauty is ‘Confidence’.

Who’s your mentor?
Not my mentor but I love Jeffree Star — he is a self-made man and knows his art so well. He is confident and he is a trendsetter. He is a star! He has broken all the rules and he is ruling the YouTube world. He is an inspiration for me.

Who’s your muse?
I don’t really have a muse. For me, every woman who works hard feels that the sky is not the limit and wants to conquer the world can be my muse.

What would you like to suggest to aspiring make-up artists who look up to you?
By just having a YouTube channel or an Instagram page does not make you a professional. Go out and practice every day — make-up is not rocket science but you need to learn every day. Watch more and more YouTube videos and find out the best techniques from there.

One exclusive make-up hack for the artists?
Make sure your lip liner is one shade darker and draw the lips out for a fuller lip.

Where do you see the make-up industry in 2019? Do you have any expectations in terms of product/ brand launches, education, etc.?
For me, this year is pretty amazing, I have started my make-up studio ‘Shaan Mu Artistry’ – where I will be focusing a lot on churning out content for my social media platforms. I’ll also be conducting make-up tutorials and look & learn sessions in small batches.

As far as aspiring make-up and hair artists are concerned, there is no limit for them. I think there are tons of jobs, there is going to be many opportunities for everyone. I am starting my masterclasses where I will share my knowledge and share all my tricks. I will share all my experiences too.


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