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Should your salon offer discounts this festive season?

by Arun Shirishkar

The festive season is a peak season for several businesses which includes salons. People flock to salons in large numbers to avail a number of services. But with the current scenario, does this still stay the same? Let’s find out as Payal Upase breaks it down for us

The festive season has commenced which in the salon industry is usually a sign of more work. When festivities are round the corner, more and more people will be coming to your salon to avail your services. This year however, is slightly different. With the onset of the pandemic, salon foot traffic has fallen substantially. People’s fear to step out of their houses unless necessary, clubbed with the fact that there may not be any parties this year gives them all the more reasons to not avail any beauty services. In this scenario, should you be offering combos and discounts like you usually do? The answer is, absolutely yes. 

Increase in foot traffic
For many people, spending money on grooming in salons has now become a luxury due to an economic slowdown. If your salons provide them high quality services at slashed prices, they will be more likely to avail them as it will be lighter on their pocket. These discounts and combo deals will aid in increasing foot traffic in your salons.

Help people gain confidence in your services again
The fear of lack of sanitation or unsurety of the same can be a reason why your clients haven’t returned to your salon yet. While you are posting about the sanitation measures you have implemented, it may not be enough to convince your client. Offering discount packages will be an added bonus for your client to visit the salon. This will also help you gain the trust of your client and make sure they are satisfied with your sanitation measures and visit again.

Help you gain new clientele
Offers and good deals are generally the best way to attract eyeballs. People are always looking for a good bargain. Clients will be more likely to visit salons that offer discounts. Your promotional offers will open doors to new clients who will avail your services and can become return clients.

Bigger tickets
A very smart way to offer combos to your clients can be to club services with high margins to services with low margins. This way, offering them at an affordable price will ensure you still make profits. Also giving your clients the option to add on services like threading, while getting a facial done can be a good way to generate a bigger ticket.

It is a tough time for salons and salons are doing everything in their capacity to stay afloat. Getting customers to visit your salons during the festive season can be a great way to boost your sales!

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