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Simple social media tips to turn your salon business around

by Arun Shirishkar

Social Media is powerful tool in today’s time. Use It right and your business might just take a stride that you have been waiting for. Ami Savla Hemani, founder of Socialize Store shares simple tips of using social media platforms that can turn around a salon business and increase its reach manifold.

Let Them Know About Your Salon
Decoding the use of social media, Ami suggests that every salon with a social media page must put out the information about their business in a manner to attract audiences. It is essential to mention the USP of the business, specialities and offers in the bio.

To let your audiences, get a better understanding of at your salon, post images of the ambience and products that your business uses for various services. You could also give them a tour via short videos and show sanitization arrangements to build confidence among your target customer.

What Works On Social Media?
What builds a social media business page and brand is engaging content. If your target audience is getting value addition from your salon page, they are likely to return to it, follow it and eventually become the consumers of your salon business.

The pandemic sentiment still persists. In this time, beauty tutorials have worked very well. Helping your audience groom themselves is building their faith in your brand. For this you can engage your salon beauty expert and shoot videos with no extra cost involved.

Most salons have a star artist, who people have liked and appreciated. They may also have a greater number of followers than your business account. Utilize cross promotion technique for your business and grow together with the. According to Ami, “It is the right time to invest in your salon artists and employees. As TikTok is no more available in India, Instagram Reels is a medium used by the beauty and fashion industry for content promotion.”

Build Your Google Ranking And Target The Right Audience
Having the presence of your salon business on various social media platforms builds its google ranking and more number of search results appear on the search engine when the business is searched for. Ami suggests being present on Instagram, Facebook Groups and Communities, Whatsapp and Telegram to begin with and slowly build social media presence on many available platforms.

While managing many accounts may seem difficult, same content can be posted across multiple platforms with supporting apps like Hootsuite or Zoho.

Social media can work wonders for your salon business, work on quality, make it engaging and interesting and allow it to take a flight of success.

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