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Skincare Routine For Your Lazy Weekend

by Professional Beauty India

Women don’t pay much attention to their skincare. You would agree with me that everyone should take care of their skin?

We wait for long weekends to relax but these lazy weekends should be used for skincare too. Every man and woman should definitely take care of their skin.

Be Beautiful- should be everyone’s agenda for the weekend for at least an hour. The weekend is the perfect way to pamper your skin & get ready for the coming one.

We always believe in the home skincare routine that our four generations have invented and shared from generation to generation. From your hair to your skin they had given solutions to us for everything.

Aren’t those remedies the best? I am sure you would agree with me.

Two natural remedies to get rid of dandruff & hydrate your scalp

  • Use onion juice, lemon juice and oil together. Mix it well and apply it on your scalp. Ensure that you don’t keep the mixture for more than 20 mins. After 20 mins rinse it with shampoo and conditioning will make it better. Now you get ready to get some compliments in the whole week about your shiny hair!
  • Soak fenugreek seeds overnight. Grind them the next morning and mix them with the curd and apply it to your scalp. Once it gets dried up wash it nicely with shampoo and conditioner. This remedy might leave a smell, that you won’t like, but when you go out your hair must shine.

Skincare remedies that you can do on your lazy weekend

  • From traditional times our grandmothers always use to say turmeric makes your skin glow. Here’s a simple trick that will help your skin glow. Take turmeric and mix it with some curd and apply it on your hands and legs before taking shower. Rub it on your skin so the extra layer of dirt comes out of your skin that helps you glow.
  • Another remedy from the traditional times claims papaya extract makes your skin tighten. Women struggle because with age their skin loosens up and going for expensive treatments can make your pocket heavy. Take the papaya extract, apply it on your face when it’s fired up, can rinse it with water. It will make your skin glow and help you tighten up, which majorly every woman complains about.
  • Your skin and hair also would exactly be what you are eating and drinking. To enhance the quality of your hair one should also avoid smoking, and hydrate yourself.
  • Drinking more and more water on a daily basis will result in the enchantment of skin and hair.

Also, a healthy diet makes a lot of difference when it comes to your skin and hair. Just using remedies won’t work for anyone. In today’s time where everyone’s life is a hustle. People don’t have time to eat food properly and keep working while eating this will just deteriorate just not your health but also your hair and skin.

One should take care of everything from food, to water to remedies. A mixture of your lifestyle will make your body glow and not just skin and hair. Of course, weekends are the added ones for someone to use the same productively and use it in a maximum way.

Of course, there are a few basic things that you should take care of by always putting off your makeup or removing the same after the office or a party when you get back home and keep moisturising your skin and hair with aloe Vera gel for skin and oil for your hair.

Weekends can help you to relax your day and body and take care of yourself. Always make yourself a priority and use the weekends at their most use. Sometimes of your day can be dedicated to your body as well and what could be better than a weekend?

Go out girls and glow to the fullest with our home remedies and utilise your lazy weekends to uplift your skin!

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