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Skinimalism will take over the beauty scene in 2021: Pinterest predicts

by Arun Shirishkar

In its annual Pinterest Predicts report for 2021, the emergent skincare term, at the top of the list of Pinterest beauty trends, is Skinimalism. This is no surprise since a focus on skin has become key in the past year, amongst other reasons, due to irritation caused by face masks, gloves, and disinfectants. Added stress and lifestyles changes caused by the pandemic have resulted in people been trying to feel good without the added pressure of complicated skin routines. This combination of factors has created skincare-related minimalism, which is all about simplifying the skincare routine, and at the same time, embracing one’s skin’s natural qualities. Skinimalism has meant that the most popular products are also the easiest to use and those that give a natural glow. In fact, Skinimalism is building off the slow beauty movement – which is all about investing in sustainable products that have been sensibly and lovingly crafted – which has become popular in the past year.

As reported, dermatologists, brand founders, and skincare influencers share the opinion that minimalistic regimens and the rise of microbiome-friendly products are emerging trends in personal skincare philosophy. Quite simply, Skinimalism means that we will be seeing more people embrace their skin’s natural texture and adopt minimalistic skincare routines. The year 2021 will see skin wellness that can be achieved with mindfulness, clean and sustainable products and minimal maintenance.

The following were the most searched for beauty trends on Pinterest – the go-to digital forum for trends and inspiration – all of which are in keeping with Skinimalism.

Face Yoga, which is not only easy and effective, but is also freely available on the internet via, for example, YouTube videos. Face Yoga poses help improve circulation, break up facial tension, and increase natural glow.

Natural, everyday makeup which includes light touches of colour, subtle glow, and soft, dewy skin that looks natural. This is also, essentially the essence of skinimalism; this does not mean that everyone is expected to look young and ‘age’-free, in fact what is means is that you aim for good skin health, better texture, more brightness, and natural looking and comfortable products.

How to get naturally glowing skin for which Face Yoga is helpful, combined with the use of sustainable products for radiant, glowing skin. A good diet naturally helps as well.

Homemade skincare and DIY beauty have both seen a big resurgence this year. The pandemic has meant more home time, and far less or no shopping for new skincare products. Budgets have been tight and people have been trying to save money – so making homemade skincare routines have become popular and meant that more natural ingredients are being used and resulting in more natural looking skin. The products that have been most popular include aloe vera and oatmeal face masks, natural moisturisers, homemade bubble baths, tricks for healing dry, cracked skin and many more.

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