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Social media 101 for your salon!

by Arun Shirishkar

In this new age of all things social, boosting your salons social presence is an absolutely necessary tool. Payal Upase dishes out on how you can use a few social media platforms for your benefit

Everyone from a school going kid to your grandparents, everyone is on social media. You do not need me to convince you about the power and presence social media has on us. In this case, you as salon owners need to make the most of it and boost your presence using the social media tools at hand.

Facebook is an oldie, but a goodie. If you had to choose only one platform to promote your salons, Facebook should be your top pick. Facebook is flocked by one and all and most importantly is the most visited app of what is probably your biggest clientele; women in their late 20’s. Working moms or housewives, they are very active on Facebook. Creating a Facebook business page can be very effective and engaging. You can post images of the services that are offered in your salons, the super satisfying before and after images and spread the word about your offers and discounts that you have going. Not only does it help your salon stay in front of your current customers and improve retention, but the fact that everyone is on it also helps you gain more exposure. 

Instagram is another social media outlet that hair stylists and salon owners must be active on. Your entire career focuses on beautification, so showcasing it through images is just natural. You can also gear your Instagram marketing to your local area by using hashtags to gain new business, in addition to staying in front of your current customer base as well. Creating videos, IGTV’s and stories can be a great way to increase audience engagement. Sometimes a well timed image of an ombre can be exactly what one of your customers needed to remind them to book an appointment.

TikTok is your new age social media tool that will gain the attention of people and provide your salon business the recall value it needs. It may be very unconventional for a salon business to have a TikTok account, but it is what will make you stand out in the crowd. Your videos do not have to be too complicated. The classic hair colour transformation video will get people talking about your salon services. Similarly, facial routines, haircuts, manicures, pedicures and so much more can be portrayed via a TikTok video. All you need is your phone and an ounce of creativity.

Social Media Marketing takes patience and consistency. Unless you have some sort of crazy viral video, the odds of it giving you overnight success is highly unlikely. But to ignore social marketing altogether is silly. Instead of trying to become the master of all platforms, pick a few that you can dedicate consistent time to and create content for.

Image courtesy: LYFE Marketing

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