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Social media tips for beauty brands by Fishbat

by Arun Shirishkar

Fishbat, an internet marketing company, shares 5 effective social media strategies for beauty brands.

As part of their ongoing effort to teach companies how to self-promote, a digital marketing agency, fishbat, shares 5 constructive ways to make social media work for your  beauty brand. fishbat is a full-service online marketing firm that takes a holistic business approach to their clients’ digital marketing programs.

Market saturation nothwithstanding, your beauty brand can grow its following and increase awareness by leveraging proven social marketing strategies. In a crowded industry, it’s essential that your beauty brand produces compelling content to drive awareness and generate likes, follows and shares. Social media is the right tool for the visual-heavy beauty industry.

  1. Show them how it’s done
    Tutorial videos and how-to’s should be a staple of your beauty brand’s social media content and for good reason. Not only do they show your beauty brand’s products in action, but they also deliver the added value of educating your viewers on how to use your brand’s product.

Conciseness is key when it comes to creating tutorial videos for social media. Rather than share a twenty minute video demonstrating a full face of make-up, consider creating several shorter videos showcasing specific products. ‘How to Create a Cat Eye’, ‘How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller’, and ‘Contouring 101’ are great examples of the kind of short-form tutorial videos that your beauty brand should be creating. Be sure to make your video titles descriptive by including your brand and product names.

Don’t limit your brand to tutorial videos exclusively. How-to infographics showcasing your beauty brand’s products are also a useful way to extend your brand’s messaging and increase awareness.

  1. Utilise user-generated content
    Utilising user-generated content is an effective way to grow your beauty brand. Create a unique hashtag for your brand and encourage your followers to use it to showcase themselves in photos and videos using your products. Not only can this content be repurposed to fit your brand’s social media channels, user-generated content also organically advertises proof that your products are effective. If you have the time, add a personalised comment on each user’s tagged photo your followers will appreciate your brand interacting with them.
  2. Give it away
    Social media contests and product giveaways are a unique way to reward your beauty brand’s existing followers and generate new ones. Promote contests that require entrants to perform several tasks to win such as following your brand, tagging a certain number of friends in the comments of the contest post, and liking the contest post itself. Frequently hosting contests and giveaways will introduce your beauty brand to a steady stream of new social media users, thereby creating organic engagement. Be sure to post complete terms and conditions to your beauty brand’s website.
  3. Be influential
    Partnering with social media influencers is an effective way to promote your beauty brand. Much like user-generated content, influencer campaigns show off your products in an appealing, organic way. Finding influencers that align with your beauty brand doesn’t have to break your budget. Very often the influencers with smaller followings, frequently-called “nano” or “micro” influencers, deliver higher engagement rates than those with millions of followers, since their audience is targeted.
  4. Don’t overlook memes
    Breaking up your promotional content with clever, relatable and inspirational memes is a great way to foster community within your following and create a personal connection with your users. Memes are an opportunity for you to share your beauty brand’s unique voice and give your followers a break from being marketed to.

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