Spot the right nail art technician for your salon


With these tips at hand, you can’t go wrong in selecting the right nail art technician for your salon

The nail industry has had a backseat in the grand scheme of things so far — but not anymore. To stay ahead of the game, it is time to hire the best pool of technicians and artists to equip your salons to be ready for the increasing demand. Dipika Parihar, Global Educator & Director at R Nail Lounge, Mumbai shares a few tips and points to keep in mind while assessing candidates for your nail bars/counters.

Experience counts
From where they have received technical education to how long they have been trained in the field has a vital impact on the quality of work and talent. One can easily claim knowledge on a variety of techniques but when it comes to a thorough interview, it is often revealed that skills are limited to the basic. As the employer, it is important to understand whether a possible employee is technically sound to give the best experience to your clients. You can ask for a demonstration to evaluate their knowledge and skills further.

Passion and motivation for the art is a must
If there is no passion for the job, the nail artist could easily get bored — after all, it’s such a small canvas to work on. Understanding why they are pursuing a beauty career in nails is crucial. The amount of work, time and money put into formal education and training is a clear indicator of the job aspirants passion for the skill. The lack of proper assessment while hiring could adversely affect the chances of genuinely well-skilled talented and passionate nail artists too.

There is a significant mismatch between the demand and availability of skilled nail artists across India. The quality of education is yet to catch up to the quality of work expected. In terms of remuneration, freshers can cost you 15 – 18k while beginners with work experience would draw 25 – 35k a month + tips and incentives based on quality and speed of service. As they get better with skills and innovation, the role of a trainer in nail art is also a possible option to grow into.

With the digital and social transformation of the industry, and as a result the nail education in the country, has definitely set the ball rolling for a brighter future in the nail art space — for both employers and employees.




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