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Strokes of new-age makeup artistry

by Arun Shirishkar

Raman Chohan, Co-owner, Victress Beauty Academy divulges into how she found her passion for semi-permanent makeup, the effects of COVID-19 on the industry and the future of semi permanent makeup in India.

How has your journey been in the makeup industry?
I first discovered my passion for hair and makeup 10 years ago. I was amazed at how you could enhance your features naturally using a little bit of makeup. I had an opportunity to take a semi-permanent make up class on microblading. From that point on I was hooked and I decided to leave my senior position at Canada‘s largest bank to run my own business. I focused and was 100% committed, spent time learning and mastered microblading, ombre powder brows, lip blush and lip correction treatments.

What inspired you to divert from the mainstream makeup to semi-permanent makeup?
The inspiration to move to semi-permanent was simple,  this is a leading beauty technique and there is a need for artists who can perform this procedure properly. I was disappointed with the procedures being performed and was confident with research and education we could improve the procedure and client satisfaction.

How is your business coping with the COVID-19 effect?
To protect our staff members, students  and clients, we have ceased all operations to respectfully comply with mandatory government shutdowns. We have rescheduled all upcoming training programs to later dates. We look forward to resume training new batches of students. Current students are continuing their programs with weekly video calls and have access to master trainers. 

What are your re-opening strategies?
Safety precautions should be nothing new to any establishment but in the times of COVID-19 we should increase diligence to maintain the highest standards. At Victress Beauty Academy, our clients, students and staff’s safety is held at the highest priority. To ensure this we have implemented safety checks that begin 24 hours before one arrives at the studio with a telephone questionnaire to ensure our clients have not been traveling or feeling ill before attending appointments. Upon the client’s arrival, we use a no contact thermometer to ensure our students or clients are not showing signs of a fever. We also require them to wear a face covering and sanitize their hands upon arrival. Staff members are provided gloves, face masks, sanitizing agents and full face shields to ensure both parties are protected. All work stations are sanitized before and after each procedure to ensure  the highest hygiene levels.

How do you see the future of semi-permanent makeup in the Indian market?
The market in India has huge potential and I believe that the semi-permanent makeup is not even close to reaching its market share. This market is yet to be properly established and the potential is huge. It is an exciting time to be involved at the front lines of this growing industry. Currently in India, semi-permanent make up is not being performed correctly; there are lots of shortcuts being taken which are producing poor results.

What’s next for you and your business?
Our plans for Victress Beauty Academy is to train the best semi-permanent makeup professionals/artists in India. It brings me great joy to see my students excel not only in training but also in establishing their own businesses, becoming their own bosses. We will also continue to expand our training programs to remain at the forefront of new techniques and procedures as we grow throughout India.

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