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Sugar Cosmetics Inches Closer to Going Public

by Priyanka Parshurami

Infused with the latest funding of USD 50 million, Sugar Cosmetics’ aim of going public is now in sight.

The Indian Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand Sugar Cosmetics has received a funding of USD 50 million in its series D funding round, said a report on CosmeticsDesign-Asia.

Sugar Cosmetics was launched in 2007, as an online brand and has since expanded its retail footprint to over 35,000 outlets in over 500 cities. Even during COVID-19 times, the brand launched 60 stores and celebrated its 100th brand-owned store in May 2022.

Sugar Cosmetics has also launched a new product to cater to the multifunctional hybrid product trend.
This funding will help the firm inch one step closer to achieving its ambition to strengthen its retail footprint.

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