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Summery Nails

by Priyanka Parshurami

Check out these summer nail art designs to add to your nail bar menu.

This season, it’s not just your wardrobe and make-up bag that need to be updated!

Your nails, too, are waiting for the proper outfit for the season. Spring nails are all about nail art, which can take the form of fun motifs, delicate hues, and, of course, a more sophisticated take on the classic French manicure. Your cue is to make it as enjoyable and practical as possible without having to be an expert.

We’ve got you covered with some super cool nail designs that you can flaunt with aplomb all through the season.

Negative Space French Manicure:


This year’s top trend is the negative space French manicure. The unpolished or base coat of the nail pops out among the sparse strokes of vivid colours in negative space nail art. This can be done only on the tips of the nails or all over the nails with lines and waves.

Smiley Face Manicure:


On their manicured nails, many Gen Z and new-age manicure enthusiasts have smiley face emoticons. It is one of the most popular vacation nail trends, according to experts.

Coloured and Patterned French Tips:


The French manicure tips were generally preferred to be of the same colour. Colourful, pattern-filled tips, rainbow hues, tie-dye, and checkered patterns are all the rage these days.

Pearl Core Nail Art:


Pearl core nail art is one of the year’s most appealing fashion trends. The pearl tones will elevate your experience to the next level, making it one of the coolest ways to achieve a classic French manicure.

Skittle Nails:


Skittle nail art is the epitome of spring! Every nail in this painting is a different colour, just like the candy it’s named after. Depending on personal inclination, either bright colours or pastel tints can be used in the skittle. diya.

5D and 3D Nail Art:


5D and 3D nail art has evolved and shifted the trend to the next level once again. These 3D and 5D nail art come with a variety of imaginative and intriguing options that will pique your followers’ interest. The cat eye nail art style, twisted to look like the cat eye pattern of a liquid eyeliner, is one of the most cutting edge trends in the world of beauty.



Dress up your nails for weddings with 5D flower art, Swarovski stones, rhinestones, rose patterns and caviar beads, which will bring a touch of elegance to the most unforgettable day of your life. Also, the glitter French manicure is the most up-to-date method to wear the year’s largest nail trend.

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