Tackle the issue of thinning hair with these simple solutions


Losing your hair can be traumatic at any age. But not all hope is lost yet – there are so many ways you can try to revive your hair health.

Hair fall can be caused by a myriad of factors like unhealthy lifestyles, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, hormonal imbalances, poor hair care, and genetics. There are a variety of modern treatments and techniques available that promise to help reverse it, including in-salon treatments. However, professionals advise seeking a trichologist’s help if the situation is dire.

The root cause
Healthy hair is related to personal well-being, internally and externally. It is important to take care of oneself – be it good food, exercise, or peace of mind – apart from medications or treatments/services. If a person loses a lot of hair with no known cause, they should see their doctor. This is especially important if they have recently made dietary changes or started taking supplements. The doctor may recommend consulting a dermatologist to determine the best ways to treat thinning hair. As you get older, hair naturally starts losing its resistance and vitality – leading to decreased volume and dull texture. There are several topical treatments and prescription medicines as well as natural home remedies to keep this under check – if not reverse the effects of old age on your hair, these solutions will help slow it down at least.

Hairdressers Recommend
Savio John Pereira, CEO – Savio John Pereira Salons suggests, “Consultation is really important – once that is done, the hairdresser can take the call on recommending an in-salon treatment or send them to a dermat. A lot of people facing hair loss need medical help, and it is not fair for hairdressers to insist on high-end salon treatment when it is clear that won’t help. When a client goes to a dermat with a hairdresser’s reference, the problem is taken more seriously.”

Treating the underlying condition is crucial. “Various reasons contribute to thinning hair, imbalanced diet being the biggest one. Focus on eating healthy food rich in proteins and iron as hair majorly needs the same to grow and thicken. This will help the client internally,” says Dheeraj Kohli, Creative Director and National Educator at LOOKS Salon & Academy.

Treatments and tips
If the hair loss problem is not too severe and can be kept under control with a bit of extra care, hairdressers could recommend hair products that are specifically designed to treat thinning hair, along with regular in-salon appointments for professional treatments.

In many cases, thinning hair is not at all linked to overall health problems – people are also exposed to a lot of competition and therefore stress. If a person is concerned about hair loss and if it affects their mental well-being, along with professional help they need to be patient and practice stress-busters like meditation.


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