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Tennessee based nail salon sets a benchmark for safety post lockdown

by Arun Shirishkar

Tennessee, USA allowed salons and barber shops to open earlier in this month. While the appointment books for haircuts and other grooming services is full, what about nail salons? Let’s find out how a nail salon in Franklin, Tennessee is coping with the new safety norms

While some people are apprehensive about getting their nails done, quite a few people want to get their tips groomed and look put together. A nail salon in Franklin, Tennessee is adapting to the changes and ensuring their salon is safe and sanitary.

Abide by the rules
Brilliant Nail Spa and Salon, has put down a stringent set of rules and regulations that need to be followed at the nail salon by customers and employees.

  • No walk-in’s are permitted. The salon is working on a strict appointment basis only.
  • The customers have to wear a mask at all times.
  • Everyone needs to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect their hands as soon as they enter the salon.
  • The nail technician has to wear a mask and face shield at all times. 
Source: Channel 5 News.

Guidelines and policies
The salon is practicing all the guidelines laid down by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The salon owner has added a glass barrier between the client and the nail artist to ensure maximum safety. There is only a small hole for the hand to pass through comfortably. 

At the pedicure chairs, there is a plastic curtain between each chair. These chairs are sanitized every two hours and also after every client is done availing each service.

Along with not allowing customer walk-ins, the salon also has a strict policy of the customer waiting in their car until they are called in for the slot. They are also not allowing a companion into the salon, they have to wait in their respective cars.

The Brilliant Nail Spa and Salon has gone above and beyond to ensure that their clients and employees feel safe. This has led to their phone ringing off the hook. People are calling constantly to get an appointment, however the salon has limited the number of people it takes in at a time.

Content source: News Channel 5 on YouTube.

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