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The bride guide

by Arun Shirishkar

Renowned bridal artist Vidya Tikari gives us a lowdown on the big bridal trends, the dos and don’ts and the expert checklist for the bridal season.

Vidya Tikari

Festivities are in full swing – and that’s just what we all love about a new year. And even though we are a month into 2019, the wedding celebrations aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, we decided to bring in a bridal expert and see if you can improve your game with a few good tips from makeup maestro Vidya Tikari.


A Bride’s Makeup Repertoire

  • For brides-to-be, it is advisable to get overlays, as it makes hands look more neat and flawless and it avoids the scope of any nail paint messes.
  • For lashes, if you want them to look naturally fuller, lash extensions are a good option. Also, false lashes must suit the eye size and shape and not make them look droopy and heavy.
  • Cheeks for brides can range from going soft and fleshy to bronzed depending on the colours chosen for the rest of the face. Pink fleshy is definitely the colour to go for this winter.
  • Luscious shiny lips are to-die-for and makes the bride look ethereal. Pop the matte shades beneath and add a dry long stay gloss to give that effect (like Jouer Cosmetics’ high pigment pearl lip gloss).
  • Top shades for eyeshadows: lilacs, baby pinks, fleshy pinks, burnt browns and oranges are some of my all-time shades to use in the crease. Pearly white, pink, glistening rose gold, champagne gold are perfect for a festive look.

The checklist for make-up artists


  • Use a disposable spoolie wand to apply mascara to your client. It’s hygienic and it applies better than the wand within your mascara.
  • Use a corrector pencil (Kryolan) or a cotton bud to clean off the edges under the eyes in case of some mess.
  • Always layer your lipsticks for a long-lasting effect.
  • Sharpen your pencils (eyes / lips) often to refresh them.
  • Dispose of the mascara within three months.
  • Use coloured disposable lenses for a better outcome for your client.


  • Making harsh contour lines on the face.
  • Using the loose powder with a lot of talc content as it dries the face and makes it look chalky.
  • Using creamy glossy lipsticks on your client.
  • Using harsh blush colours.
  • Using dark eyeshadows for small eyes.
  • Applying the foundation only on the face and not on the neck, ears, and behind the ears.

Pro tips for brides

For all brides-to-be, make sure you nourish your skin well every night with a good serum or apply yogurt and honey pack alternate days for a flawless looking face.

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