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With TIGI’s creative director, Gen Itoh as we hear about his experience and about the do’s and don’ts of hairdressing.

TIGI works with hairdressers around the world ensuring the latest styles and products are in salons – for the use of the professional hairdresser and their clients. Gen Itoh, Creative Director TIGI is one of the most seasoned members of the TIGI core team. Gen continuously moves his work forward by developing new ideas from emerging trends to ensure his clients are on the right track to achieving their dream style. While in conversation with him, let us hear about his experience and tips and tricks he has to share with us.

You moved to the UK from New York for a couple of reasons and Hairdressing was one of them. What attracted you to pursuing hairdressing?

When I was younger and studying in college, I used to do hairstyles for older ladies in the countryside, who were my models back then. I loved communicating with them and seeing their happy faces made my day. Even though, back then I didn’t do a very good job, they were still so happy. That was a definite trigger for me because I could make the people happy and communicate with them through hairstyling.

You have worked with renowned hair stylists like Anthony Mascolo, how much of an impact have they had on your beginning years as a hairstylist?

My experience with Anthony was definitely the best thing that has happened in my life, it was amazing. I sacrificed a lot to work for him initially and it was completely worth it. When you work with Anthony, the kind of work you get to learn is very unique, different and you get to travel to different places and also get hands on experience there. Anthony is like a magician with his work.

How has your collaboration with TIGI been so far?

It’s been 12 years since I started out with TIGI and it has been a great experience. There have been good and bad times, but it’s been a good journey for sure. The company is growing and along with it, so are we. I get to meet several hairstylists’ across the globe and learn about the hair industry in their country. This helps me educate myself and learn better each day.

What can you tell us about this new launch by TIGI?

The product line is called Copyright Care which is a very intense repair treatment. One of the products from the Copyright Care range is the new SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment, it is our hero product in this line. It helps repair previous heat damage and returning hair to its former glory. This expert treatment system is created to understand individual hair concerns, repairs and reconstructs and gives the love and care that your tresses desperately need, making it your new Salon Hero. Copyright care is our more intense range and it definitely a game changer.

India, especially Mumbai as you know has extremely humid weather. What tips would you give to prevent hair from getting frizzy and hair care for humid weather?

Using products over your hair and creating a protective layer will help in reducing the frizziness. Products like hair mousse and hairspray can be best for combating frizziness. You can also use leave in conditioners to smoothen out any frizz.

What are the hair trends according to you this A/W 2019?

Natural movement of hair is still a very strong trend, not straight hair so much but the more soft waves and movement with a textured lift seems to be very popular. Also, mid-length hair is very popular. Cropped hair and long bob’s are surely still in trend.

What according to you is a total no-no when it comes to hair styling?

Hairstyling is very mathematical, you need to balance out intense hair colors with right type of cut or it may end up looking like a mess. That is the biggest faux pas according to me.

Written by Payal Upase


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