The evolution of Berina Cosmetics from the man himself, Ajay Jalan


Mr Ajay Jalan cracks the code behind the success of the Thai hair brand, Berina Cosmetics

In conversation with Ajay Jalan, Managing Director of Berina Cosmetics. Mr Ajay Jalan brings pearls of business manoeuvre to the table which has helped Berina to reach the pinnacle of success in the cosmetics industry.

How has your association with Berina Cosmetics been?
In 1995, I came across Berina Cosmetics at Cosmoprof in Hong Kong. By 2000, I joined hands with them as their partner and now we are like a family. When we talk about the quality within a product, Berina Cosmetics stands on the third podium across the world and ranks first in Asia. The company and I have been working together PAN Asia wherein I look after all the SAARC countries. We assure our clients with our motto which implies, everyone has the right to groom themselves. This is what makes Berina competitive and affordable.

How has your experience been at Professional Beauty?
We have been a part of all the shows including Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and now in Mumbai. It’s a great platform for any company to project their upcoming products especially if it caters to the professional spectrum. Apart from that, networking is another added facet as the show helps you to meet professionals. We have been receiving a great response from salon owners, customers, academies and training centres. It gives us good mileage as well because it’s not easy to meet thousands of people together at a given point of time, which is an opportunity the show provides us with. I have visited many other shows, but I feel that the Professional Beauty show is the best one.

How do you see the grooming industry evolving in India?
When you talk about beauty or the grooming industry there’s a lot of space to branch out and grow. The scope within the industry is upheld because of tier two and three towns. The people within this stratum have disposable income and now they also are roped into the need for grooming themselves. We could say that in tier one there is a level of stagnancy but tier two and three have very upcoming cities. Berina cosmetics mainly caters to the middle towns. Statistically speaking, the grooming industry is growing by 18 to 20% every year and I am very sure that it will continue to grow for the next 10 years.

What are the new products from Berina Cosmetics that we should watch out for?
Berina Cosmetics is a complete hair care platform under one roof. Within this year we will be launching all the organic, keratin products. As we know that keratin with formaldehyde causes irritation to the skin and can even be cancerous to the health. After a lot of research, we are now coming up with all organic products which include keratin shampoos, conditioners. New launches will also be seen in tools and cosmetics and these new launches will surely excite our audience.

Written by Purnima Vasaikar


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