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The Good Girl has found a new Bad Boy in town

by Arun Shirishkar

The enticing and iconic perfume Good Girl by Carolina Herrera New York has a new addition to the family, the Bad Boy. The newly launched fragrance is an ode to new age men who is rebellious, emotional and respectful of others

Carolina Herrera starts a new adventure with Bad Boy, a fascinating fragrance that brings the myth of the eternal rebel to our time. He is the one who dares to break the rules and walk his own path. This new icon of rebelliousness has duality within his character: he is strong and sensitive; powerful and empathic; heroic and vulnerable. His courage resides in his ability to express and share his feelings. Bad Boy is an ode to rebel men who fight for their principles and are faithful to their own identity. The slogan It’s so good to be bad summarizes the spirit of this new creation. The lightning-bolt is the symbol of Bad Boy. It expresses heroism and strength. Bad Boy seduces and captivates as fast and precise as a lighting.

The making of the Bad Boy
Carolina Herrera de Báez, creative director of Carolina Herrera Fragrances, has worked with the perfumers Quentin Bisch and Louise Turner in the conceptualization of this astonishing aroma. This creative duo has been able to create a great perfume with absolutely intense and vigorous notes.

The bolting flacon
The conception and the design of the flacon, shaped as a lightning-bolt, have been a technological challenge. Its bold and striking aesthetics unifies all the Bad Boy characteristics. The lightning-bolt is dressed in a sophisticated and mysterious midnight blue, firmly standing on a golden base.

The notes of the Bad Boy
Bad Boy is an Oriental Aromatic fragrance in which opposites are drawn into each other: the brightness of Sage, Green Bergamot and Pepper is blended with the sensual darkness of Tonka Beans, Cocoa and Amber Wood. Bad Boy expresses, in a conscious way, the lights and shadows of the contemporary man’s nature.

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