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The importance of advanced make-up training

by Arun Shirishkar

As the Indian beauty industry takes off, there’s a need for more skilled professionals. That’s where advanced make-up training comes into the picture. We give you a lowdown about it.

The beauty industry is versatile in nature and is constantly evolving. While some skills might be innate, some need to be acquired. As a make-up artist it not only important to have your basics in place, but also to be a step above the rest. The best way to get a leg up in the business is to equip yourself with the right education and certification. With relevant training, job opportunities become much more accessible.

As a makeup artist, enrolling yourself in advanced makeup training programmes helps you build your portfolio while allowing you to build vital connections. This can immensely help you when you are trying to establish yourself in the industry. Read on to know about advanced make-up training.


Any make-up professional who has completed his or her basic make-up training is eligible. It is also essential that the artist has a significant amount of hands-on experience with a good number of clients.


Advanced make-up training consists of an intensive curriculum that equips artists to adhere to the demands and the needs of clients. Certification from a reputed institute also means garnering client trust. There are certain make-up techniques that you can only learn at formal institutions and having these skills assures your clients that you will deliver a high-quality output.

Advanced courses

Many make-up academies offer Advanced Make-up training in India with comprehensive modules that impart both practical and theoretical knowledge. Additionally, specific programmes such as Air Brush and Special Effects make-up are also available for those who wish to add some extra knowledge into their kitty. Some academies also have the option of customising courses basis your requirements. These courses are available across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Calcutta.

Career prospects

According to Allen John, MUD Academy Mumbai, “Advanced make-up training from a reputed academy opens up several additional doors for an aspiring make-up artist. The right training allows you to take on any challenge that comes your way be it fashion make-up, bridal make-up, High Definition or even fantasy. It accelerates personal as well as professional growth.”

To sum it up, whether you choose to be a freelancer or work with a particular make-up studio or fashion house, equipping yourself with the right education is a pivotal building block to ensure you have a promising career as a make-up artist.

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