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The International Manufacturers & Distributors Forum (IMF) is a must-attend conference for the beauty and hair business.

by Arun Shirishkar

If you are looking to source manufacturing advice, find solutions for sustainability, and ensure you meet legal compliance, our Cosmetic Ingredients & Packaging International (CIPI) Conference will suit your business needs.

ProfessionalBeauty.World is excited to be streaming live over three days on 28 February to 2 March, bringing world-leading experts, brand founders, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and cosmetic regulators on one platform. From sourcing ingredients and sustainable packaging to understanding how to create a brand and build a distribution network for your products, across CIPI and IMF we have it all covered for you. 

Waving the international flags we have speakers from across the globe, from as far as Hong Kong with Allie Rooke, CEO  of Clean Beauty Asia; India, Pushkaraj Shenai the CEO of Hindustan Unilever; UAE Mohamed Madi the Group President of Madi International; Germany, Michael Schummert the CEO of Babor; USA, Lydia Sarfati the President & CEO of Repêchage;  Italy, Mark Giannandrea, General Manager, Davines, UK, Tracey Woodward the Director Of Strategy & Innovation for Modern Botany;  to the USA, Lance Wahl, Global President – Professional Division, Wahl.

Hear from our panelists as they debate and share their personal and business experiences in live discussions and  Q&A with you the virtual attendees.

Registration is quick and at no cost, visit www.professionabeauty.world 

The online sessions also provide opportunities to network with attendees and speakers.

Here are a few highlighted topics for CIPI and IMF:
CIPI (Cosmetics Ingredients & Packaging International)

These sessions are designed for anyone interested in starting their own beauty brand or developing a new product range. – here are just 3 out of the 9 topics  

  • Scaling up: from building a brand to scaling up and how to get retailers to support that growth
  • Miles off: how to square the circle of clean beauty vs sustainable sourcing
  • Packaging innovations: latest trends to make your product stand out and where to source them!

IMF (International Manufacturers & Distributors Forum)

IMF will be delivering a range of topics to gain insight to compete amongst the global giants – here are just 3 out of the 6 topics  

  • Phygital beauty: what impact does the demise of the dept store have on the retailing strategy of salons and beauty brands?
  • Brexit and its effect on exports from the UK and imports to it
  • Manufacturing & distribution: What’s changed since Covid?

For more information on the Professional Beauty World and to register: https://professionalbeauty.world/

The conference schedule: https://professionalbeauty.co.uk/site/imfconference

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