The Korean skincare company Belif, now in India


Belif, a Korean skin care brand which has been a cult favourite and uses herbal products, creating a perfect amalgamation between herbal and Korean skincare. Belif skincare is now available in India.

Best of both worlds
Korean skincare is known to be the most innovative and always has been one step ahead by using unique ingredients and providing magical results. Also, we all love herbal products. The best of both worlds, herbal and Korean skincare, together is now at your Indian doorstep. Belif is a Korean company that has brought the goodness of Korean skincare and herbal ingredients together to make one of a kind products to up your skincare game.

Belif in being different
The most common mistake people make when it comes to the skincare brand Belif is assuming that it is American or European. One look at Belif products and you know they don’t toe the same line as most Korean brands. With minimalist packaging and a line-up that’s not quirky, playful or cute. Belif’s stronghold is an all-natural approach with herbs as the brand’s main component. Belif extensively works with and employs legendary botanist and herbalist Duncan Napier’s 150-year-old herbal processing methods in the formulation of its products, as per an article on Belif is also vegan and doesn’t employ mineral oils, fragrances, dyes or synthetic preservatives. Herbal ingredients like chickweed, oats, raspberry, and wild indigo to boost skincare efficacy – that’s how Belif works. Using herbal formulations is not new to India; neither is using medicinal or healing properties in plants to create quality skincare. Belif falls in the same category but with a western, scientific approach included.

Products by Belif
Belif has a wide range of products that help hydrate, refresh and brighten up your skin. The bestsellers available in India include cleaning oil, a water essence, the true cream aquabomb cream which is lightweight and makes your skin supple and soft. The true cream aquabomb is a must have product. These products are available on and are priced at INR 1500 and above.


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