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The modern Indian bride by Indra Ahluwalia

by Arun Shirishkar

Her journey started as in 1982, a young enthusiastic bride herself, Indra Ahluwalia, now a master Bridal Makeup Artist wanted to share her knowledge and grow her skills. The seedling then known as Grace Beauty Clinic & School of Beauty Culture Therapy and Hair Dressing is now known as the popular Grace Salon & Academy.

Tips For The Professionals
That flawless look on your wedding day is all the rage these days. In an interview with Professional Beauty, talks about various tips and tricks of makeup for professionals to help their clients achieve that perfect look.

For any makeup artist, it is important to understand the expectation of their client and suggest what works best on them. They must get to know the colour of their wedding attire and accordingly suggest shades for their makeup. What works is either using similar tones to the shade of the bride’s attire or using the contrast in the colour wheel to give it that pop.

The Base Of The Face
According to Indra, makeup artists should pay close attention to the skin type of their client and use products accordingly. She suggests using full coverage, silicone base foundations and primer for events like weddings as they allow the makeup to stay for longer hours and gives a matte finish.

A believer in keeping the base as natural as possible, Indra suggests mixing the orange corrector to the foundation and apply on the areas where discolouration needs to be corrected to avoid layers on the skin. She suggests spraying the hydration spray on the beauty blender and blend to maintain the moisture of the skin.

The Contouring
As a rule of the thumb, Indra suggests using a ‘Cream On Cream’ contour. As she contours the face of the bride, she shares a pro tip on blending it with upward strokes for high cheek bones and downward strokes for a chiseled and clean jaw line.

The Eyes & The Lips
As Indra says, “There must be only one statement in your bridal look. If your eyes are the statement, your lips must stay subtle and vice versa”. She suggests giving the eyes a base of concealer and setting powder and then building the colour on it gradually for a smooth smokey eye effect. She also suggests blending the eyeliner for a smooth finish on the smokey eye and use of three shades of kajal from lighter to darkest to give your client’s eye a 3D effect and pop.

“Always apply the mascara from roots to the tips, otherwise it curdles and makes the lashes stick”, Ahluwalia shared this tip with us as she gives finishing touches to the makeup on a beautiful bride.    With a record of 104 makeup clients in a day to coming up with an innovative concept like the Destination Wedding Vanity Van, Indra Ahluwalia is an embodiment of grace and woman empowerment, who has been reigning the industry for about three decades.

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