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The New Product Launches at Professional Beauty Ludhiana 2022

by Professional Beauty India

The Professional Beauty Ludhiana 2022 show is around the corner. The north Indian beauty market is gearing up for the 5X celebration of Beauty. Priyanka Parshurami gets you insight on a few new product launches to witness at the show.

Product LaunchShea Retention Treatment by Beauty Garage

Shea retention treatment by Beauty Garage includes shampoo, conditioner, Shea, hair oil and injector spray. A boon for your hair health, Shea is the core ingredient of this treatment series. Shea offers a complete revitalisation of frizzy and damaged hair. Shea is a healer with the richness of vitamins A, E, & F. And amino acids that breathe life and add suppleness to your hair.

Product LaunchFlexi Vent Paddle Brush by Ikonic

The Flexi Vent Paddle Brush has a flexible head that can conform to the movement of your hand and the curvature of your scalp. Its smooth, rounded tips won’t irritate your scalp, and its soft touch surface makes it easy to handle. The wide vent speeds up airflow and cuts down on drying time.

Its unique features include large slits to ensure excellent air circulation, which prevents the brush from 

overheating and safeguards the hair, drying hair quickly and gently. The lightweight and flexible form that’s perfect for detangling and grooming straight, thin or damaged hair. This also allows even distribution of natural oils in your hair for a glossy, smooth appearance. 

Product Launch- Luxury Styling by AY TY PRO

AY TY PRO presents a plethora of hairdressing equipment. The Gold Nano Titanium Straightener with a vibrating feature and ergonomic handle design gives the best twists. One dryer works for all. Curling tongs heat up quickly with a smooth handle and clip that works wonders on your hair. It has Korean technology-based ceramic round brushes with superior non-slippery grip. The long 120 mm barrel doesn’t miss a single strand of hair. AY TY PRO also offers carbon combs and accessories.

Product Launch- Northern Light’s Vegan Hair Colours

Colour, enhance and get your perfect shade with the new direct permanent vegan colouring. The ACID pH, is formulated with innovative colouring micro pigments that anchor strongly.  And intensely to the porous areas of the hair. It reflects the light, maximizing its brilliance and brightness, ensuring extraordinary durability. NL Offers infinite creative colours by mixing seven fashion shades and a neutral shade. It symbolizes their catchphrase ‘As Far as Creativity Goes.’ The colours are free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol and oxidants.

Product Launch- Professional Make-up Brushes By Vega Professionals

Make-up brushes are integral for any professional make-up artist to get the client a flawless, airbrushed look to the client. The new range of brushes by Vega Professional will help you level up the art of professional makeup. Extensively designed with premium quality and soft materials –micro synthetic fibres and natural hair, which have the versatility to create a multitude of beautiful looks.

Ergonomic handle design helps the make-up artist to grip for a long time. And to go beyond the ordinary. 

Product Launch- Anti-ageing Kit By Mitchell USA

Mitchell USA has launched its precise daily strength AGE-LESS duo regime of retinol + hyaluronic. Vitamin C enhances the tested Lotus Seed Extracts. Which works together on the reduction of symptoms of ageing. This retinol + hyaluronic serum is a unique blend of antioxidants. This helps increase collagen, improves skin tone and reduces oxidative stress caused due to exposure to environmental stressors. This daily strength combination is potent enough to make the skin visibly younger.

Vitamin C (80 per cent powder) forms a part of a complex group of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants. Which co-exists to protect the skin from reactive oxygen species. It’s high 80 per cent strength plays an important role in increasing collagen. And is potent enough to make the skin visibly youthful, brighter and smoother. 

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