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The skincare aisles are stocked with newbies!

by Arun Shirishkar

All of us love skincare, don’t we? Payal Upase brings to you a list of new launches in the skincare space that will surely make all skincare aficionado’s grab their wallet!

We believe in the philosophy that our skincare is our investment. Having glowy and healthy looking skin will make your entire makeup ensemble glide on smoothly. A good skincare routine will be your biggest asset in the long run. We bring to you the new launches in the skincare space, that will surely make way into your vanity.

Global Beauty Secrets
From the mythical house of Global Beauty Secrets, we have exciting new launches. The new products by Global Beauty Secrets, will take you on a trail to uncover the beauty secrets of Egyptians.

Egyptian Gold Dust Face Masque
The importance of gold in Egypt was beyond material significance. Gold leaves were a source of rejuvenation for skin in the ancient civilization. The Egyptian gold dust face masque slows down the depletion of collagen levels, works wonders to maintain the elasticity of skin, prevents it from ageing and improves blood circulation giving your skin a radiant glow. Priced at INR 1950.

Egyptian Honey and Castor Hair Oil
Honey and castor oil formed the backbone of the multitude of hair care rituals, followed by the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. Honey moisturizes and conditions, while castor oil strengthens the hair follicles, promotes hair growth and fights hair fall. This oil has been prepared through the cold pressed method to ensure that the purest and best benefits of the ingredients. Priced at INR 1100. You can buy these products at https://discovergbs.com/

WOW Skin Science
WOW Skin Science a Make In India skincare brand has launched an entire line of personal and healthcare products after acquiring the rights for ‘Justice League’ by Warner Bros Media. The range debuts with a line devoted to children’s wellness. The first lot of characters to hit the shelves will be Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman who will be featured on the children’s wellness collection consisting of Body Lotions and WOW’s signature Tip-To-Toe wash which will be closely followed by more launches in the same space. The collection will see various additions during the course of the next few years – in terms of both product categories and character introductions. WOW will also launch a ‘Justice League’ themed product range for adults under this licensing agreement. The brand will hold these rights for a total of two years, within which they would have access to the entire league of characters. WOW Skin Science is highly reputed for their plant-based, cruelty free products and sustainability initiatives for packaging.

Nykaa Beauty
Nykaa Natural’s new Face Wash range brings back the goodness of your grandma’s home-made remedies with multi beneficial ingredients. The face wash, while being paraben free, is gentle on your skin and its foaming, non-drying formula does not strip off any natural oils from the face. The range consists of 3 variants:

Nykaa Naturals – Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash: Purifying
It is enriched with tea tree essence and neem giving you purified skin. It heals, cools, purifies and deep cleanses. These dual ingredients make for the perfect combination for a face wash.

Nykaa Naturals – Sandalwood & Orange Peel: De-Tanning
Sandalwood helps in tan removal and gives a cooling effect to the face. Orange Peel is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, leaving the skin youthful and moisturised.

Nykaa Naturals – Saffron & Honey: Glowing
Saffron has anti-inflammatory properties and also soothes the skin. Honey plays the role of an antibacterial and antioxidant, thus helping protect, repair, and prevent skin damage.

Smashbox’s Photo Finish Vitamin Glow Primer
Get a daily dose of vitamins every time you prime, with this refreshing water-gel primer, formulated with essential skin-loving vitamins B, C and E to awaken your natural glow while prepping skin for any makeup look. The primer can be used before makeup or can be worn alone for a fresh glow. The primer water instantly hydrates, softens and nourishes skin to ensure smooth and effortlessly applied makeup. It is priced at INR 1590 for 15 grams and INR 3050 for 30 grams. 

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