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The vegan way ahead

by Professional Beauty India

From ‘I-don’t-understand-what-it-means’ to ‘I-want-to-be-a-vegan,’ world citizens have come a long way since the term vegan was coined, back in 1944. What began as a dietary option has today become a lifestyle choice. As the International Vegan Day approaches in November, #PBxHJ Team brings a fresh perspective to the rise of vegan beauty and its future.
Creating awareness
According to Mauli Teli, CEO and Managing Director, IBA Cosmetics, many brands are moving towards clean beauty – natural, vegan, organic and cruelty-free. “These are ethical brands, which are responsibly sourced, produced and marketed. There has been a huge influx of brands – both home-grown and international – to ride this ethical consumption wave…
To read more including inputs from Pushkaraj Shenai, Head, Unilever ProBeauty; Sneha Maskara, Co-founder, Boujee Beauty and Harsukh Pathar, Managing Director, Ocea Marine Cosmetics, click here

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