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This holi, let your hairstyle do the talking!

by Arun Shirishkar

Don’t neglect your hairstyle while deciding what your look for the exciting holi party will be. Adorn these hairstyles dished out by Payal Upase, while ditching the usual ‘leaving my hair down’ look

Now that we’ve taken care of your skincare routine for holi, we obviously cannot ignore your hair! Here are a few hairstyles that will ensure your holi hair will look as chic as it can, despite all the colour in it.

Just braid it!
Braiding your hair during holi is the safest and the most classic hairstyle one can opt for. It ensures your hair stays in place and doesn’t come in the way of you having fun at your holi party. You can opt for the classic braid or mix things up with a fishtail braid or a french braid. You can even tug at your braid gently to make it look more messy, the choice is yours!

Space buns
If you want to stand out in the crowd and ensure your hair stays put in its place, then space buns are just the thing for you! Roll your hair up completely into two space buns and add a cute hair tie to add some drama to your hairstyle. You can also add a trendy hair clip to make the hair stay in place whilst making it look super cute!

Not so messy, messy bun
Buns and braids are your best friends this holi season. The intentional messy bun is a classic and will ensure your hair doesn’t budge. You don’t want to damage the long tresses by letting them flow free. An intentional messy bun will help you look chic and also look cute in those selfies. You can also jazz it up by adding a pair of sunglasses as an accessory atop your head! The messy bun will also look good if you wish to put your hair half up and half down. Make a small bun and keep it in place using a cute metallic clip and you are ready!

This holi your hair will be safe while looking trendy in these hairstyles. Don’t forget to add a layer of serum to protect your hair from all the colour! 

The team at Professional Beauty India wishes you a very happy and safe holi!

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