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Tips to improve salon hygiene during a virus outbreak!

by Arun Shirishkar

Salon owners, now would be the right time to increase the hygiene factor more than ever at your salon. Hygienic practices will be key to the pandemic of Coronavirus not affecting the business at your salon too drastically. Payal Upase brings to you a few tips that can be easily incorporated by your staff to maintain high sanitation standards

In the event of the pandemic, everyone is taking all the precautionary measures that are needed. We all are stocked with sanitizers and masks at home, but what about our work environment as well? Your salon needs to be sanitized and also your staff needs to be trained to keep the hygienic practices higher than ever. As a salon owner, here are a few tips you need to instill amongst your salon staff to maintain maximum sanitation.

Wear a mask, always!
Mouth masks are more important than any face mask right now! Wearing a mask is a basic hygienic practice that can be made mandatory for your salon staff. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a N65 mask, but any medical grade mask that covers the mouth and nose should do the job. This will help reduce the risk of transmission of viruses and also create an extra barrier of protection which will put the minds of your customers at ease as well.

Sanitize and disinfect
Your two holy grails to be careful of the coronavirus should be to sanitize and disinfect. You need to ensure that all your customers and employees sanitize their hands before entering the salon. It is important to use sanitizers with a high alcohol, as studies have shown that alcohol kills a broader variety of bacteria and viruses when the concentration exceeds 60%. Wiping down counters and disinfecting areas that are touched by the public constantly. 

Using disposable tools
Using disposable tools wherever possible can be a great way of preventing cross contamination. If tools cannot be disposed of, it is absolutely necessary to sanitize and make sure they are safe to use. Washing washcloths, spatulas and other grooming tools with an antibacterial liquid is a step that can ensure safety. 

We need to take the steps required to prevent the virus from spreading while causing no panic amongst people. We need to stay alert and educate our employees in the right manner. A few preventive measures taken now will prevent major damage in future.

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