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Top 5 trending career options in a salon

by Arun Shirishkar

If you aren’t cut out to be a hairdresser, you can still work and flourish in a salon. Read on to know the top five career avenues.

  • Nail technician

The nail art industry in India is on the brink of a creative explosion. With standalone nail bars cropping up at strategic locations and existing salons adding nail art tables to their set-up, it is definitely a happening segment. To become a nail artist, you need to have relevant education and practise hours under a senior trainer. Dipika Parihar, Director, The Nail Art School, says, “The nail art industry is a relatively new one in India. It is the right place to be as there is less competition and more money. There is a huge demand for qualified and skilled nail artists/technicians. A fresher can start off with Rs 15k or Rs 20k package, and for experienced staff the remuneration offered is heavy. As a nail technician, you can work at a salon/spa, operate as a freelancer, become an educator or start a nail bar of your own. The sky’s the limit for talented and ambitious nail artists.”

  • Salon Manager

If you have organisational skills, are sociable, have a pleasing personality and love to work with a team, this job position is for you. A salon manager’s work profile involves managing the operations of a salon and supervising various departments such as reception, hair floor, skin section and mani-pedi stations. Inventory management within the salon and taking care of the customers’ needs are two of the crucial responsibilities of the salon manager. If you are good at supervising and have relevant experience or qualification in operations, this job is perfect for you.

  • Wax specialist

Salons in India, espcially the A and A+ categories, are considering the advantages of having a waxing specialist. Given the demand for different flavours and techniques in waxing, salon owners have started leveraging on this trend. Waxing is no longer a mundane, every-month task. It is now an evolved service that’s customised as per the client’s requirement and preferences. A waxing specialist should ideally be a certified aesthetician.

  • Colourist

Specialisation is the name of the game, in the beauty industry today. You can be the Jack of all trades, but the minute you decide to Master one, it will be your ticket to fame. Colouration requires in-depth knowledge about hair, chemicals and techniques. When you brand yourself a colourist, with proper qualification from reputed academies, customers start regarding you as a ‘man of science.’ After all much about colouration is science. It increases your chances of growth within the industry and allows you to show more creativity for the subject of your choice – colouration.

  • Multi-tasker

If specialisation isn’t up your alley then raise the bar with multi-tasking. You can be a hairdresser who is also a make-up artist. Or a beautician who is also good at spa treatments. Or a make-up artist and a nail technician. The combinations you make should demand on your skill set and calling. Given the vast bridal market that we have in our country, it’s a field day for freelance beauty experts who can ace at more than one art. Natasha Naegamvala, Director, Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin Salon says, “I think for a hairdresser the best way to further advance her career is to combine hairdressing with make-up. This way she makes her career more interesting and lucrative as she earns from both. Later, she can also use her experience and expertise to become a trainer. Similarly, a beatician and also learn make-up or hair and body spa.”

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