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Trend talk with Elton Steve Vasseokar

by Professional Beauty India

Elton Steve Vasseokar takes us through his creative journey with Wella Professionals and talks about hair trends that are set to rule.

What was your thought process behind the Wella Kromatic looks?
Every customer is different and everyone’s needs are important! With Kromatic, I wanted to help customers find their vibe within the four looks that we creatively curated using colours, techniques and formulas that are in-salon favourites. This service is more personalised and educates hairdressers on effectively using these techniques to help customers find their vibe.

In what way is this collection different?
The previous Wella collections like, the Illuminage and Luxe Lights, were very specific in terms of ‘How to’ technique, however with Kromatic we wanted to create something for anyone and everyone. Right now you can’t decide the trends with social media playing a huge role in the decision making of a customer. We (Passionistas) have tried to narrow down the multiple looks that can be created into four unique looks for this collection so everyone fits in.

How can the looks be made more wearable?
The whole point of Kromatic for me is that hairdressers can create amazing looks using multiple techniques. It’s not restricted. Creating light and depth, using large weaves, stacked sectioning, combined with quick toning and colour melting techniques is key. To make these looks more wearable we tried to match them with the unique personality of each customer. With Neha Dhupia, I knew I wanted to create a cool mocha vibe for her hair, so I added some depth around the face with a deep violet to bring out that icy mocha flavour, perfectly matching her cool, confident and edgy personality. It’s a good way to creatively express yourself and get a hair makeover you absolutely deserve no matter the occasion.

Tips for hairdressers as they interpret Kromatic.
The hairdresser needs to get a sense of the customers’ vibe, their mood, and their feelings at that point. Everything is much more personalised and more custom-made. If they walk in with a trend in mind they can consult and make them understand that the trend starts with “them” and what they feel instead of dictating the “trends”. Trends have changed over the years and I feel everyone needs to feel included and Kromatic provides just that.

What’s your take on sustainability in hairdressing?
As a brand Wella is already doing its bit by helping solve some of the pressing social and environmental challenges. As a Wella Passionista it has been an honour to be an advocate of a brand that cares about the environment and I believe it is important that we opt for more sustainable products.

What styling trends should one watch out for in the upcoming season?
There will be certain trends that will rule the market, like; volume on top, thinner ends, softer fringes and with colour we have a mix of warm tones but we also have more beige tones. Right now a word that is resounding all around the world is ‘Inclusion’. Everyone has to fit in and in the age we are living in, if I say, this is a particular trend we are already excluding a majority of people.

After the pandemic, the industry is now moving back to offline training. Your comments on this?
We all need human connections, we learn better, we understand better, we process better from physical interactions. I feel it is necessary to have offline training as it allows you to give precise guidance with regard to sectioning, angles, over direction etc. and that is something that adds a personal touch while training. While social media as a platform reaches a wider audience, offline training helps you be in the moment and enjoy the process with immense precision.

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