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Trendio All Set to Launch First Beauty Shopping App

by Professional Beauty India

Trendio is launching a first-ever beauty shopping app that will use video AI to deliver personally curated content across mobile and connected TV.

Founded by Alex Perez-Tenessa, former VP of US Prime Video, Trendio Live Inc. has announced the launch of Trendio, the first-ever innovative video shopping app that enables customers to engage with personalized content and purchase beauty products with a single click.

Trendio’s introduction of a video AI beauty shopping app in early 2023 will enable the site to automatically edit videos to suit each user’s unique preferences. This app will boost relevance and conversion. And set a new industry standard for personalized shopping. As per the market reports, video commerce is already a scaled business. China represents over USD132B in sales with a +155 per cent growth YoY. The USA market is anticipated to reach USD 35B by 2024.

Addressing media on the launch, Alex Perez-Tenessa mentioned, the company is reinventing shopping entertainment for the new generation. Terndio mainly caters to customers looking for new beauty brands and products in a way that feels personal and trustworthy. Trendio is creating the first-ever personalized video experience for customers. And through their technology roadmap, they will not only enhance the shopping experience. But it also reinvents how people experience video altogether.

In addition to iOS and Android, the Trendio app is also available on Roku. Making it the only start-up to seamlessly merge content and commerce on the connected TV. Through Roku, users can interact with creators via live or pre-recorded videos. And now users can also pin their favourite products to their dashboards. And purchase items from a variety of brands directly through it with a unified checkout process.

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