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Trends in Ayurvedic Skincare and its top ten ingredients

by Arun Shirishkar

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian science has been the root of Indian beauty recipes. Harshvardhan Modi, Founder of Inveda and Vedicline tells us about the trends in Ayurvedic Skin Science.

Why Ayurvedic skincare trend is flourishing rapidly
Against the COVID, alternative medication, particularly Ayurveda, has come into the spotlight more than ever. While Ayurveda has consistently been a famous recuperating framework in India. Nowadays, everyone is running behind the “Ayurvedic Skincare Brand” and trends they are following. It has space for various skin issues as well as enough options for consumers depending on customer’s preferences, skin types and spending plans. Basically, in simple terms, it is a holistic approach to cater every issue, whether it comes to skin, hair & health.

Modern Trends of Ayurveda

Present-day research drifts fundamentally rotate around standards of against ageing movement portrayed in Ayurveda: Vayasthapana (age challenging), Varnya (glowing skin), Sandhaniya (cell recovery), Vranaropana (recuperating), Tvachya (supporting or nurturing), Shothahara (mitigating), Tvachagnivardhani (reinforcing skin digestion).

Ayurveda for Healthy skin, mind & soul
Ingredients are King!

The first contribution to the trends in the list of ingredients, as I believe that now every customer is more curious about the list of ingredients, they are going to use on their skin because the ingredient is everything, I would say it’s the king.

Everybody is well aware of Ayurveda but one thing still comes to mind, Is Ayurveda really effective? Yes, of course! Because if we can see the chemical product’s result, they are just for short terms. Ayurveda is the oldest branch of medication & was developed more than 3000 years ago. Indian shelves are filled with natural ingredients for beauty & wellness. From the home remedies to DIY everything is based on natural ingredients. As natural ingredients work towards healing, restoration and rejuvenation of skin, body and mind.

Top 10 favorite child (ingredients) of Ayurveda
Ayurveda means the science of life and according to me it’s like one life for the other as nature is the mother earth which provides everything for us.
Kumkumadi – Saffron, Kesar oldest holy herb used by the queen to beautify their ailments. Treats dull skin and imparts the radiance.
Neem – Most famous village pharmacy that purifies and detoxifies the skin and body. Used for anti-acne & other skin diseases.
Ashwagandha – Native to India & famous to increase the vitality of the skin and boosts up the energy in every cell.
Turmeric – Used more than 3000 years and without turmeric Indian dishes are incomplete because it’s widely popular for its antiseptic properties and famous for improving immunity.
Liquorice – A powerful antioxidant that fights the free radicals and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.
Manjishtha – Packed with antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and help the skin to treat infections.
Triphala – Best to promote longevity and overall health.
Brahmi – Loaded with antioxidants and a proud herb for the brain.
Giloy – Immunity booster, got popularity just after the widespread of COVID.
Guggul – Made of the guggul tree and highly potent for treating joints & cholesterol

Immunity is the New Trend
After the spreading of a novel coronavirus, Ayurveda suddenly gets a hike again. Especially Giloy. While there is no fix or precaution prescription for the Covid in allopathy. At this moment, the Ministry of Ayush has explicitly suggested Ayurveda as a broad information base for the counteraction of the dangerous illness. As resistance turns into the main piece of general wellbeing and infection counteraction approach, the interest for Ayurvedic products, especially Giloy, Ashwagandha, Chwanprash, Ginger water takes a new turn to prevent the impossible to treat the issue. Moreover, 90% of the total population depends upon natural Ayurvedic treatment. 

Ayurveda in Skincare
Ayurveda is now offering everything, from bath oils to shampoos, massage creams & treatment blends. For the perfect balance in life, Ayurveda is the one to tackle everything. So if you are someone who doesn’t want to waste much money on chemical products, just opt the new old trend of Ayurveda as old is always gold and doesn’t let you down in any terms. 

Thanks to the awareness that people are taking more interest in Yoga & meditation. As it teaches the balance of mind, body and soul. Yoga influences much at west but day by day Indians are also connecting to the roots again.

Let me clear the first thing that Ayurveda doesn’t believe in quick fixes. It offers the long term benefits and targets the root cause of every dosha- Kapha, Pitta, Vata. Each dosha is composed of some specific issue & to counter the dosha Ayurveda is the only solution.

Ayurveda Forecast
Global Forecast to 2023, is the most recent exploration report on Global Ayurveda Industry distributed by Market Research Future. Ayurveda is continuously entering the standard and is acquiring business accomplishment of late. Statistical surveying Future (MRFR) has as of late distributed an inside and out report on the worldwide Ayurveda market, where development roads are talked about finally. The longstanding custom of Ayurvedic recuperating is currently being perceived around the world. Ayurveda has had the option to acquire business interest as the worldwide people are slanting towards natural and unadulterated stuff.

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