Understanding the art of microblading with Vinu Kriplani


Walking us through its inception to the evolution, Dr Vinu Kriplani tells us the secret of mastering the art of microblading

Dr Vinu Kriplani is a cosmetologist who has over 20 years of experience in the semi permanent makeup segment. She is the pioneer of getting this unique technique to India which now has become a huge business. At Professional Beauty Mumbai 2019, we had the opportunity of understanding this emerging business from Dr Vinu, herself.

How has your experience been at Professional Beauty Mumbai?
We have been part of Professional Beauty for three years now. This year was one of the biggest footfalls that we ever saw at our booth. It was very exciting to see that all our marketing materials were over in the first half because there were a lot of people coming in with their queries.

How do you think microblading has evolved over the years?
Microblading started with tattoos which are ages old now. From tattooing, we moved on to tattooing eyebrows, the Europeans didn’t have a taste for it. It made them turn to semi permanent makeup which had sophisticated machines, good pigments and much more. This all gave a boost to the styling aspect of semi permanent makeup which is called Microblading. The advantage of microblading is that it looks very natural. Sadly, the only thing lacking in our market is the desire to learn and continue gaining knowledge. Even after an experience of 20 years, I still go for classes as it helps you to grow. It’s always good to keep gaining knowledge and I hope that this industry focuses on this aspect.

Where do you see the Microblading industry heading?
The colors and the pigments will improve over the years. Different countries have different requirements because we have different eyebrow shapes, colors. So, it will evolve in a better way and it’s quite exciting as you can go out without actually applying any makeup.

What all courses does Derma Esthetic academy offers?
At Derma Esthetic academy, we teach semi permanent makeup as well as microblading. First you have to learn your way through semi permanent makeup to understand what the concept is then go into microblading. But if somebody wants to learn only microblading it can be done too. We even teach eyeliner and lips but the indian market is still isn’t very welcoming to it.

What are your tips for a person who wants to learn Microblading?
We should keep absorbing knowledge and shouldn’t think that once we learn something, we know it all. Always keep learning and keep evolving with time.

Written by Purnima Vasaikar


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