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Use of animal hair for brushes banned by L’Oreal

by Arun Shirishkar

L’Oreal Group has announced that it has banned the use of badger, goat and all other animal hair in its brushes, per PETA.

A Compassionate Decision
Every badger-hair or goat-hair brush represents a sensitive animal who endured violence. “This compassionate and forward-thinking decision by L’Oréal Group will help PETA affiliates push the beauty and art industries to embrace synthetic brushes, which don’t harm a single hair on an animal’s head,” said Mathilde Dorbessan, corporate responsibility officer, PETA France.

After years of badgering from animal-rights groups, L’Oréal has joined nearly 100 other beauty marketers and suppliers in eliminating animal-hair brushes.

The PETA Investigation
A PETA Asia investigation into China’s badger-brush industry revealed that badgers are bred or even captured in their natural homes and confined to small wire cages on filthy fur factory farms. At the end of these animals’ short, miserable lives, humans beat them and slit their throats. One badger continued to move for a full minute after his throat had been cut. After they’ve been killed, their stolen hair is used in all kinds of brushes – those for painting, applying makeup, and shaving.

Animal cruelty has become a rising concern across the globe. Support of industry giants like giants like the L’Oréal Group is a definitive step towards change and balanced ecosystem. Leading players of the market can set an example and for many more and bring a downward trend in the rising animal cruelty worldwide. Ending the large voluminous demand shall surely result in the breeding and exploitation of badgers and goats for their hair that in turn can be substituted with synthetic materials using technology and bringing a real change.  L’Oréal Group is among nearly 100 cosmetics, paintbrush, and shaving companies around the world – including Procter & Gamble’s The Art of Shaving, Morphe, The New York Shaving Company, and Beau Brummell – that have banned badger hair with expert guidance from PETA affiliates.

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