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Salon Management Congress Virtual 2020 – Day 1

by Arun Shirishkar

Professional Beauty India has brought back, Salon Management Congress, where maestros of the industry came together and shared their experiences. Payal Upase relays the two day long virtual event, where our experts spill industry success secrets and much more!

Two days of action packed learning, spread across two weeks. For the first time ever, we bring to you – Salon Management Congress, virtually. Just because we are socially distancing that doesn’t mean we have to be disconnected. From the safety of your homes we encourage you to keep learning tips and tricks from our experts, to grow your salon business.

Day 1 – Panel 1
The first session of the week started out with a very pertinent topic for the salon industry. “Analysing the impact of home services on the traditional salon business” was the first topic of discussion for the day. Kanishka Ramchandani, Editor, Professional Beauty India moderated the panel. Our line-up of esteemed panelists included – Anand Dureja, Urban Company; Samir Srivastav, Jean-Claude Biguine; Uday Takke, U Takke’s Hair and Beauty studio; Vikram Bhatt, Enrich. The panelists discussed the importance of harmonious existence between salons and at home service providers. Due to the pandemic, several salons have started providing at home services but they believe in the brick and mortar salons business concept and that it will bounce back.
To watch the whole live: https://fb.watch/1vsoUKXixN/

Day 1 – Panel 2
The second topic of discussion was – Social media: Foe or Saviour? Moderated by Vikas VJ, Managing Director at Professional Beauty India, the panelists on board included, Sachin Kamat, Director at Enrich Salons; Vaishakhi Haria, Creative Head & Director of Splash Salon; Deepak Praveen, COO of GreenTrends Salon; Benita Bhatia Dua, CEO of Vanilla Skills. They discussed that with the advent in technology, the power is now in the client’s hand. There’s no need to ‘sell’ your products or services. Showcase your work and it will speak for itself. The lockdown period has led to an enormous hike in its usage. It’s seen that time spent per session on social media has gone up to 40 per cent. So using social media wisely to your benefit is the key.
To watch the whole live: https://fb.watch/1vstAhAfui/

Day 1 – Panel 3
The final session of the day was where our expert panelists discussed the importance of Redesigning your service menu. It may seem like not a very important topic at first, but in the current times the design of your menu is very crucial. Our panelists included – Samir Hariharan, Beyond The Fringe Salons; Priscilla Corner, June Tomkyns; Pranita Beavja, Levo Salons; Vikram Mohan, Bounce salon. Kanishka Ramchandani, Editor, Professional Beauty India was the moderator for this panel. With the onset of the pandemic, salons are not able to offer their full menu of services to their customers. Several high touch services are not being offered currently. Due to this, redesigning your menu to be easily accessible and readable is a very important step that needs to be taken.
To watch the whole live: https://fb.watch/1vswlpikCK/

That is how we wrapped up on Day 1! Stay tuned to know how Day 2 unravelled.

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