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WAHL helps you get your grooming on at home!

by Arun Shirishkar

Home haircuts and grooming are on the rise while people are social distancing, WAHL is here to help its audience with some tips and tools

Social distancing and being on a lockdown has forced people to get out of their comfortable and cushy life and fend for themselves. Important tasks of cooking, cleaning and grooming can no longer be taken care of by paid help. This has led to a lot of clueless people googling ‘How to’ videos. 

Before you follow the tutorial of how to cut your own bangs, maybe try to watch compilation videos of how many people have failed to do so. You surely don’t want to go through the same pain as them. WAHL is here to your rescue!

Tips and tools
WAHL’s team of experts are offering advice to help them through it, after all, they invented the first handheld electric clipper 101 years ago. What do people need to do before they cut their hair?

  1. Choose a style.
    Increase the chances of success by picking a hairstyle that flatters your face shape.
  2. Be patient.
    The single biggest mistake you can make is rushing into it. Seek out instructional videos and experts tips — get a game plan, then start clipping. And if you’re using a video tutorial as a guide, try to find someone who has a similar hair type as your own.
  3. Use a good quality tool
    Your tools will make a huge difference in the end result. Use a sharp and sanitized trimmer/scissors that ensures smooth and precise cutting. 

Do you really need a haircut?

So why are some many people looking to cut their own hair? The motives may be many, but experts from WAHL have stated a few,

  1. They have no other choice.
    Sadly, many barbershops and salons were closed.
  2. Video conferencing.
    Working from home doesn’t mean no one will see you.
  3. It is empowering.
    Uncertainty can be frightening, and while it may seem small, the skill of cutting your own hair or a family member’s hair can offer a sense of control.
  4. Bonding.
    For those families hunkered down, cutting each other’s hair strengthens bonds.

Source: PR News Wire

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