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Wella Professionals launches the Kromatic Collection

by Arun Shirishkar

What do Neha Dhupia, Sakshi Agarwal, Krishna Mukherjee and Aparshakti Khurana have in common? They are sporting bespoke looks developed by four Wella Passionistas for the Wella Kromatic collection.

Wella Professionals continues to push the envelope in terms of assisting hairstylists and consumers in expressing themselves. Wella’s Kromatic allows hairstylists to express their creativity while also assisting customers in discovering and flaunting their best looks every day. The brand has launched this eclectic collection with look and learn seminars across the major metros, where collection curators decoded colour approaches and styling. Wella Kromatic, the latest colour collection, features four celebrities in bespoke looks developed by four Wella Passionistas – Elton Steve, Nikhil Sharma, Placid Braganza and Rohan Patel. These designs honour hairstylists’ artistic independence and encourage them to establish their own colour palettes and techniques. Consumers, on the other hand, are inspired to find their own vibe, which is consistent with their unique eccentricities, talents, beliefs, and worldview. Wella Passioniatas decoded these celebrity looks live on stage, communicating with the crowd on how to create their own ‘unique’ looks.

The four celebrities are Neha Dhupia, Sakshi Agarwal, Krishna Mukherjee and Aparshakti Khurana.

Elton Steve, Hair Specialist, Makeup artist, & Educator, said, “Being a part of Wella Professionals has always been revolutionary. With every collection, the brand provides us with an opportunity to create something NEW. This time around I curated an exclusive look for the Kromatic collection and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with everyone. With Neha Dhupia I knew I wanted to create a cool mocha vibe for her hair, so I added some depth around the face with a deep violet to bring out that icy mocha flavor, perfectly matching her cool, confident and edgy personality.”

Rohan Patel, Creative Director at RnG Salon, explained, “I recommend Kromatic to everyone, regardless of your gender, to take a leap of faith and flaunt your hair regardless of the occasion. I personally loved curating and playing around with the technique by placing the colour in triangular sections using freehand painting and colour saturation. To match Sakshi Agarwal’s bold and go-getter vibe, we chose to go with the magnificent tones of rossa red, making her stand out.”

Placid Braganza, Owner at Placid Salon, shared, “It is always an honour to be a part of an initiative by Wella Professionals and the Kromatic collection enabled me to creatively express myself as a hairdresser. Curating a look allowed me to find myself as a hairdresser once again and for me anyone can pull this off. When curating a look for Krishna Mukherjee, I tried to match her lively personality and played off her radiant skin using rustic copper tones that added a beautiful interplay to her tresses.”

Nikhil Sharma, Founder at Nikhil Sharma Hairdressing, adds, “After being associated with a global brand like Wella Professionals, it was always a dream to curate a technique that would further allow people to express themselves and what better way than a fresh new hair colour. To compliment Aparshkati Khurana’s multi-faceted personality, I created a super fun look with different hues of sienna brown to match his charming and playful vibe.”

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