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What can we learn from German Salons re-opening?

by Arun Shirishkar

As salons re-open across Germany, we look at their new guidelines and what that might mean for other countries in the coming weeks

As salon owners, priorities are going to change from chic and luxury to hygiene and sanitation. All while retaining the level of service that ensures your clients still leave your salon looking and feeling fabulous.As Germany opens its salons we are sharing with you some of their mandatory new rules and regulations to guide you in best practices for the future. Of course, you should always follow your local government guidelines as a priority.

Salon changes
You should be considering a usual visit to your salon now, visualising how your clients can be made to feel safe, from the moment they step through your frequently sanitised door. Here are some aspects you need to think about:

  • How will payments and retail sales be conducted?
  • How will clients be received on arrival?
  • Be aware you’ll no longer be able to have magazines or offer refreshments, and it won’t be possible to allow ‘walk-in’ clients.
  • Remember everyone will have to have a precisely timed appointment.
  • Physically, you’ll need to prepare your salon to safely accommodate your clients by potentially removing work stations, carefully planning to maintain the correct distances.

Changed customer service
Cleanliness and safety have got to be the primary concerns for staff and clients. Knowing your salon is highly sanitised will be the new luxury!

  • All your salon team will need to wear gloves and PPE masks.
  • On arrival at the salon, through the freshly sanitised door, clients should be asked to immediately wash their hands or use hand sanitisation gels.
  • Every client should wear a face mask throughout their entire visit. You could consider having some made with your logo to offer, or even sell, to clients.
  • Every client will need to receive a clean gown and towel (ideally disposable but, if not, they must be washed at 60°C+)
  • Your team will need to be accountable for the cleanliness of workstations as well as equipment, from clips and combs to brushes and scissors, before each client service.
  • Consultations can only be done through the mirror. The hairdresser must not be face to face with the client.

Client Communication
We know many of you have been in regular communication with your clients who are all eagerly awaiting the time when they can return to see you. What should you be doing now?

  • Now is the time to plan exactly how you can organise your salon to maximise your business potential and make sure your staff and clients feel confident and safe.
  • Communicate effectively! Start with your team and ensure they understand how their workplace will look and how they will be expected to work. They won’t be able to ‘hang-out’ in the staff room, they too will need to keep social distance at all times. Most importantly, ask them how they are feeling and if they have any ideas, concerns or thoughts.
  • Communicate with your clients so they can understand what will happen when they visit the salon. Ideally phone or email all of your clients now to discuss the reorganisation plans with them. Text or email special instructions 24 hours before their appointment so they feel confident when they arrive at your salon.
  • Ensure your clients know they cannot bring an ‘entourage’ with them. It’s important to keep the number of people in the salon to a minimum.
  • Have clear signage in your salon window, and information on your website and all social media, detailing how clients can book appointments.

Source: tigifuse.com

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