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What women want? Reveals Garnier Fructis

by Arun Shirishkar

In a unique study, Garnier Fructis has revealed what women would do if they had more time at hand. 2,000 American women surveyed following the launch of the brand’s new time-saving in-shower styler Sleek Shot.

Garnier Fructis has launched a new product – Sleek Shot – in the American market. It’s an in-shower hair styler that works by mixing with your shampoo (1:1 ratio). The in-shower hair smoothing and sleeking technology, infused with Argan Oil, coats hair strands with a flexible, hydrophobic polymer to jumpstart the blow dry routine. Users then rinse, follow with conditioner and blow dry as usual with no need for a flat iron or additional styling. Clearly, it is a time-saving technology that many women would find useful in their daily routine.

To find out just how useful it might be, Garnier conducted a study. It commissioned a new survey to OnePoll to understand what women would do with some extra time. Findings from the survey are as follows:

  • 49 percent of women would use the extra time to sleep
  • 36 percent would read
  • 29 percent would exercise

The results were based on the responses of 2,000 American women, aged 18 and older. As per the study, an average American woman feels she needs an extra 82 minutes a day to accomplish everything she would like. Garnier developed and tested Sleek Shot specifically for women who spend hours trying to achieve the perfect blow out.

“As a hairstylist, I hear countless women tell me they wish they could cut down on the time spent doing their own hair. They all wish they could get more time back for themselves,” said Garnier Fructis Hair Consulting Stylist Ashley Streicher. “A time-saving product, like Garnier Fructis’ new Sleek Shot in-shower styler, is becoming a total lifesaver for my clients with hectic lives. And they’re obsessed – by adding it to their shower routine, they’re tossing out their flatirons and finding that their perfect sleek hair no longer requires tons of extra time, steps or products to achieve a super polished look.”

The survey further revealed that receiving this extra time back is of the essence for today’s modern woman. One in three women are so busy, they would be willing to give up social media and watching TV in order to have a bit of extra time back in their day. One in ten say they would even give up their significant other for more time.

Half of respondents reported that they have given up a hobby, simply because they didn’t have the time for it. Twenty-two percent of women would use their extra time to learn a new hobby. Women report wanting to learn how to knit, write poetry and learn photography.

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