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What’s new? Anti-ageing scarves!

by Arun Shirishkar

Yes, you read that right. Skincare innovation takes on a new turn as Skin Project launches TANBAN, a range of anti-ageing scarves.

How many times does your dermat or skin aesthetician advise you on using sunscreen to protect your skin? But how often do you follow this advice? It seems easier to go to a salon for corrective facials for anti-aging and tanning. But none of this will be effective in the long run without proper care. Exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun causes premature ageing, wrinkles, sun spots, sunburn, tanning, and skin pigmentation, increases the risk of skin cancer like melanoma, and damages the elastin fibres in our skin. This leads to sagging and stretching of the skin.

Skin Project, a luxury niche brand, has come up with an innovative solution to keep sun damage to the skin at a minimum. Brainchild of entrepreneur, Meghna Ghodawat, the brand focuses on creating new inventions in the beauty and fashion segment.  In keeping with this philosophy, the brand has launched the world’s first ever range of anti-ageing scarves – TANBAN.

TANBAN scarves are made using the world’s first ever Anti-Ageing fabric. It is the thinnest fabric yet to sport UV protection. The fabric is engineered in such a way that it does not allow any UV rays to penetrate to your skin and acts as a natural shield against sun rays to provide a natural skin cooling effect. It provides protection up to UPF 50+ and up to 98%+ UVA-UVB Radiation Blockage. This fabric is patented in India and abroad. It comes with lifetime UPF protection for your skin; the fabric does not lose its UPF rating.

TANBAN scarves come in five designs and is a beautiful amalgamation of skin preservation and runway fashion with a cause. Each design touches upon a subject close to the brand – a homage to the depleting wildlife. Price range starts at INR 6099 onward.

Professional Beauty in conversation with Meghna Ghodawat, Founder, Skin Project…

What inspired you to think of anti-aging scarves? Why scarves and not any other garment?

A personal necessity! They say solving a personal problem is the best way to seed of an idea! I realised that sunscreens and scarves were not protecting my skin. We started with scarves as they are one of the best clothing accessories for women as they can be used on a daily basis for any and every occasion. However, it isn’t available in the luxury market in India. We believe in the fabric that we have invented and its unique features for meeting personal needs. A scarf is the easiest way to style an outfit and the best way to protect your skin.  We are now getting into resort wear as well.

Are there such products available in the international market?

No, we are the first in the world and we also have an international patent. TANBAN is a luxury fabric and the thinnest in the world. This has been invented post two years of research. Today, we are proud to be the pioneers of this fabric globally.

Who is your TG? Where are the products available?

TANBAN is for anyone who loves their skin and wants to look good while protecting the largest organ of their body. Currently, the brand has a strong online presence in the country through collaborations with online giants such as Amazon and its own brand website. The brand is catering to the Indian luxury consumer base from its opulent Le Mill & Collective store in Mumbai as well as other stores across the country in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai and prestigious Hotels such as Four Seasons – Worli and St. Regis – Lower Parel. We are currently catering to the increasing consumer base in India and constantly looking for styles that are at par with global standards.

What are your marketing plans for such a niche product?

Our initial plan is to spread awareness of the irreversible damage UV rays can do to your skin and the only way to give it wholesome protection is through our product. It is a novel concept, and understanding is the key. We are looking at various levels of markets with the core objective of not compromising on quality. We will be looking at collaborations with global leaders and also aspire to be one in the coming years in this category.

How does it fit in with the niche portfolio of the Skin Project?

Skin Project is all about breaking barriers. Providing honest solutions to everyday problems while being wrapped in luxury. For me, luxury is honesty sold with panache. So it’s a perfect fit. The brand has constantly been dynamic in understanding and addressing the Indian luxury consumer’s need through its effective strategies and collaborations. Skin Project targets the Indian luxury market potential by recognizing and addressing the challenges faced. Its strategy lies in premium store locations, market and sponsorship, adapting to the Indian culture and efficiently utilising resources and targeting new dwellers and young millionaires. Along with these, superlative tailoring, the finest raw materials, a highly-skilled workforce and the quintessential Indian touch keeps the brand miles ahead in the luxury market.

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