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Woman in Business: Dr. Blossom Kochhar

by Professional Beauty India

Payal Upase, in a conversation with Dr. Blossom Kochhar, talks about her journey of being a women in business

Through the month of March companies across the globe celebrate the spirit of women and acknowledge the importance of women in their life. On the occasion of International Women’s day we bring to you an interview of a prominent name in the industry, who has built her empire through her hard work

What does it mean to be a woman in business for you in this industry?
I think I have chosen the best industry, the only industry that is women dominated and shall remain so.

Have you ever faced any criticism or difference in treatment due to your gender in the industry?
Never, I love being a woman, irrespective of what people say any lady can reach the top. Being a woman has given me more respect and given me confidence to achieve anything and everything in my life.

How does your organization work towards women empowerment?
We make sure that the women in our organisation hold the same power as the men. They are equally involved in all major decisions that we take in the company. Women have more privileges than men, like easy leave policy, no after office hours and we take extra care of them while they are travelling for work or have to travel back home late at night. We treasure the women that work for us as they are a major reason for our success.

What is your opinion on platforms like Make Up Week that are providing people with a stage to educate themselves about the happenings of the industry?
I think that is a fantastic idea, these kind of events educate everyone about the industry and about the people that are in the industry, the latest trends and the right facts about the industry. I would like to congratulate all those you have put this event together.

What plans can we look forward to from your team and you?
I am working to give more back to society, so I am going back to where I started from, that is educating and skilling. I believe in the power of education in this industry and want to try and impart education to empower people and make it big.

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