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Women in business: Avni Amlani

by Arun Shirishkar

Avni Amlani, a maestro in skincare, in conversation with Payal Upase tells us about her journey, her achievements and the ups and downs of becoming a successful woman in business

Through the month of March companies across the globe celebrate the spirit of women and acknowledge the importance of women in their life. On the occasion of International Women’s day we bring to you an interview of a prominent name in the industry, who has built her makeup empire through her hard work.

What does it mean to be a woman in business for you in this industry?
There is a feeling of accomplishment in knowing that you’ve become a successful businesswoman in this industry. More so, as this has provided me with an opportunity to share my experience and knowledge to mentor and empower other women to achieve their dreams and beyond.  I’ve always believed in ”If you believe in yourself, anything is possible” irrespective of your gender.

Have you ever faced any criticism or difference in treatment due to your gender in the industry?
I believed that the industry had moved on and become more of a level playing field with respect to gender equality. However, not too long ago I was shocked and taken aback when I was judged by my gender rather than my expertise and experience. In the early years of setting up business in India, I experienced criticism primarily because I hadn’t lived, trained or worked in India.  My well-wishers believed as an ‘outsider’ I didn’t understand the market, culture and most importantly lacked knowledge of the Indian consumer wants. However, my passion, professionalism and knowledge of the industry became my strongest testament! 

How does your organization work towards women empowerment?
As the beauty and wellness industry is women centric, my organisations have empowered women by equipping them with professionalism through continuous training and education. My organisation has supported women from disadvantaged backgrounds to be financially self-dependent through skills training. Within the organisation, I work towards empowering the team through close mentoring, training and investing in their future. 

What is your opinion on platforms such as Make Up Week that are providing people with a stage to educate themselves about the happenings of the industry?
I am supportive of platforms such as Make Up Week, as these platforms are great to keep in touch with not only industry trends, but also learn from skin, hair and make-up experts. I have always kept abreast of this continuously evolving industry by actively participating or attending at such platforms and encourage all to continuously update their knowledge. 

What are your plans for the future which we can look forward to?
Currently I am consulting Absolute Beauty Concepts Pvt. Ltd. with their two brands i.e Rene Furterer and La Cremerie. I am excited to share that I was involved with the conception of customising La Cremerie, a professional skincare brand, for the Indian market, which was launched in January 2020 in India. The brand promotes Capsule Facial concept, first of its kind global innovation! For the future, I am working on customising other innovative product formulations and treatments suitable for the clientele in India. 

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