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Tell your clients about this holistic hair care regime for stronger and healthier hair

by Arun Shirishkar

Just like skin care, the significance of hair care cannot be undermined for the hair is exposed to various kinds of pollutants, heat and chemicals. Mechanical processes and hair treatments can leave the hair distressed, dull and lack luster. This makes it imperative for hairdressers to understand the nuances and significance of a hair care regime and communicate the same to their clients. A good hair regime is one that protects and strengthens the hair leaving it nourished and rejuvenated. Diet and lifestyle are also crucial factors that influence hair health. So, along with a robust hair care plan, make sure your clients pay attention to these aspects too.

Round the clock hair routine with a selection of the hairdressers’ favourite products

With a passion for hair, Schwarzkopf Professional is committed to offer the best of hair care to customers across the world. When it comes to hair care routine, the company realises that there is more to it than just using good products. A good hair care regime involves several aspects such as cleansing, treating, protecting, rebalancing and nourishing, all of which help manage and maintain healthy hair. So, if your clients are looking for a comprehensive daily regime that gives them all this and much more, read on to find out more:


The morning hair care routine involves a round of cleansing, conditioning and protection. The BC Bonacure shampoo, which is loaded with liquid keratin is a panacea to your clients’ dull and damaged hair problems. It is the perfect cleanser, which leaves the hair refreshed and nourished. Replete with Micellar technology, this shampoo has excellent, yet gentle cleansing properties, which cleans the hair without depleting it of its inherent moisture. All this makes it an excellent product for you to suggest to your clients.

After shampoo, recommend the use of the BC Bonacure conditioner, which has a Peptide Repair Rescue formula to improve the elasticity of the hair. It makes your clients’ hair more manageable and less frizzy by smoothening the porous surface of the hair.

Finish the routine with SKP’s Nutri shield serum that is an intensive leave-in fluid that protects the hair resulting in visibly transformed, supple and shiny tresses. This is a double serum with the Cell Perfector and Reversilance technology that protects your client’s hair surface and minimises the damages due to heat that happen during and after styling.

Oil Ultime, which is a luxurious product from SKP that nourishes, strengthens and protects the hair should be recommended as an integral part of your clients’ hair care routine. Specially curated with the goodness of argan and barbary fig oil, this one is lightweight, non-greasy. The rich blend of oils nourishes the hair shaft and leaves your clients’ hair with radiant shine and sublime softness.


Retain smooth, silky hair during the mid-day with the application of BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Spray conditioner. It is suitable to use whether your client has normal to dry, brittle and even curly hair. The product has hyaluronic acid, which tames unruly hair and helps retain moisture while giving the hair elasticity and bounce for up to 85 per cent easier combing. Just a few sprays of this leave in conditioner makes your clients’ hair soft, bouncy and supple.


A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth and hence a formula to detox and rebalance the scalp is of immense value. Start by evaluating your clients’ scalp and check for redness, reduced hair growth and the level of sebum production. The BC Scalp Genesis offers a complete range of silicon-free products that protects and repairs sensitive and flaky scalp thereby reducing hair loss and problems such as irritation and dandruff.

In case your clients have no scalp issues, an application of the rejuvenating Oil Ultime at the end of the day is ideal to conclude the hair care routine.

Although individual hair type and concerns will alter your hair care routine in some ways, there are a few basic steps that every person can benefit from.

Here’s one secret to good hair day everyday: AM to PM hair care routine by Schwarzkopf Professional!

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