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Zenoti to launch salon software with Regis Corp

by Priyanka Parshurami

Zenoti has partnered with Regis Corporation to launch a salon software that aids talent retention and business automation.
Leading technology provider for beauty, wellness, and fitness businesses, Zenoti, has announced that they have partnered with Regis Corporation, a leader in the haircare industry, to launch a salon software solution across all brands.
The beauty industry’s biggest challenge today is retaining talent amid labour shortages. Zenoti will be helping Regis Corporation to address this challenge – firstly by positioning service providers to earn more money via added services, tips, retail upsell and more; and secondly with their business intelligence and automation they will enable business owners to free up staff from administrative work and give them time to do what they love the most.
In this partnership, Zenoti will be helping Regis deliver a digital, modern experience to drive engagement with more than three million salon guests every month and it will also purchase Regis’ Opensalon® Pro software platform and will on board all franchisees to the Zenoti platform.
With more than 5,000 locations under the Regis organization, Zenoti will be providing their technology platform and support to some of the most recognisable haircare brands including Supercuts®, SmartStyle®, Cost Cutters®, Roosters® and First Choice Haircutters®.
Through this software solution, Zenoti will empower salon and spa brands of all sizes with a technology platform designed for beauty and wellness businesses. Businesses get a convenient, innovative consumer experience that extends beyond the visit, opportunities and insights to drive revenue growth, and intelligent solutions that bring automation and efficiency to every aspect of guest engagement.
Regis Corporation is all set to join an expanding group of large enterprises that have chosen to partner with Zenoti to position their business and franchisees for upcoming growth and long-term success.

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