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Effortless hairstyles for the monsoons

by Arun Shirishkar

Melissa Hughe, National Technical Head, Schwarzkopf Professional India brings to us three super simple yet chic hairstyles. These hairstyles are the perfect updo for a zoom meeting, a virtual party or a dinner date!

Monsoons mean high humidity, which brings out scalp concerns, hair concerns and most of all bad hair days. For most women monsoon is an exceedingly challenging time as the battle with frizz begins. This makes the hair difficult to manage and style. Most of us cannot afford to spend much time on our hair, so we prefer to keep it simple and easy.

So here are three quick and easy hairstyles you can opt for this monsoon

Textured Twist

– Curl hair and add texture at the roots  if required.
– Tease hair at the crown, twist and pin it close to the scalp.
– Make a ponytail with the hair that’s behind the ears.
– Take the hair in front of the ears and – alternating sides – grab small sections and twist them over the base of the ponytail. Pin, leaving the ends out.
– Wrap the loose ends around the base of the ponytail and tuck them in with a pin.
– Finish with a little OSiS+ Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray!

Voluminous elegant pony 

– Backcomb the hairline, use hair products, or curl your hair with a curling iron. 
– When hair goes limp, you can try to revive it by adding some volume and structure. 
– Backcomb your hair using a special comb to give it that full-bodied look. Then tie it in a neat ponytail.
– If you prefer not to backcomb your hair, you can use volume powder to help out. Just sprinkle a little on your roots and massage it in with your hands. 
– A simple and quick hairstyle for more volume can be achieved by blow-drying your hair upside down and adding some hair spray. When you’ve got a little more time, wrap individual hair strands over a curling iron for some soft curls.
– Take a small section of hair and wrap around the base of the ponytail. Tuck the loose end in with a pin.

Casual Messy Bun

Buns don’t get any more unconventional than the messy bun. Its trademark imperfectly perfect finish gives this style a relaxed feel. With the right technique, this knot is easy to do, even in mid-length hair.

– First, apply texture spray to hair before you create your messy bun. This gives the hair more grip making it easier to style. 
– Secure hair in a ponytail on top of your head, and lightly tease the hair on the underside of the pony. 
– Twist your ponytail counter- clockwise and spiral it around your hair tie. Secure the ends with hairpins, loosen a few strands out of your knot, fix with hairspray – and your casual bun hairstyle is ready. 
– This looks particularly stylish as a high bun. Often seen on bloggers, you may have heard this look referred to as a blogger bun or hipster bun.

So here you have it, three hairstyles that are chic, simple and the perfect ensemble for your virtual shenanigans!

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