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Deal with summer with these 5 hair spa treatments

by Professional Beauty India

Taniya Khan walks you through five hair spa treatments you should consider adding to your salon’s summer menu.

SPF? Check. Sunglasses, of course. But how about thinking about your hair? Summer can be unbearable, and it can cause a slew of hair issues. It is just impossible to avoid the sun’s damaging rays throughout the summer. We do, however, have a solution. A hair spa treatment, which includes massaging, scrubbing, washing, and blow-drying your hair, is a fantastic way to restore hair health and relieve scalp pressure. It’s the best way to unwind after a long week at work, and it’s also good for your hair’s health and texture.
Here are five hair spa treatments you may try to maintain your tresses healthy, lustrous, and flowing.
For hair smoothening
This is the most well-known hair spa. It does exactly what it says: it smoothes your hair. A basic hair smoothening spa would do the trick if your hair is dull and dry and needs a boost of shine and health.

For coloured hair
Hair that has been coloured or treated requires extra care. Even while we now offer ammonia-free colours that don’t leave your hair feeling dry, the chemicals do cause some harm. The same is true for hair heat treatments. Heat treatments can make your hair dry and fragile over time, even if they style it in the near term. Hair spas for coloured hair take care of everything that happens to your hair as a result of such procedures.

For oily scalp
If you’re tired of having an oily scalp that makes your hair wash redundant by the second day, try this. Oily scalps are responsible not only for making your hair look lifeless, but also for dandruff and hair loss. This is one of those hair spas that will cure the root cause of the problems mentioned above. It revitalises the scalp and restores the lustre of the hair.

For itchy scalp
Do you have an itchy, inflamed scalp? It could be dandruff or a reaction to the pollution you are exposed to on a daily basis. Make an appointment right now and select from a variety of hair spas that address dullness and soothe the scalp. It will nourish your scalp and provide exactly the proper amount of moisture, without leaving you with a dry, itchy feeling.

Anti-dandruff hair spa
This is another typical type of hair spas. The reason for this is that dandruff is more common than we realise. It’s also a source of embarrassment for many people. After all, who wants to be seen with those obnoxious flakes on their clothing? If you have dandruff, this is the hair spa you should go to. Massages, steaming, washing, and other treatments are included in this.

There are numerous steps that can assist you in taking better care of your hair. Best of luck this summer with your hair!

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