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Give your short nails a makeover!

by Arun Shirishkar

While nail salons have reopened, not many of us are keen on getting our long nail manicure done. While long nails can look great, they end up requiring a lot of upkeep. Long nails generally retain dirt, dust and grime which is not what you need in the current situation. Payal Upase guides you on how you can make your short nails look cute!

Who said short nails look boring? Here are a few nail art ideas, that  look great with short nails.

Individually unique
This nail look is fun, fresh and perfect to lift your spirits. All you have to do is simply choose a colour scheme and paint each nail in a different colour. You can choose neutrals, dark shades, pastels or our persona favourite, beautiful candy like colours. Add a glossy top coat to make the manicure look shiny and smooth. This is the perfect preppy nail look that will make you feel cheerful!

Just the tip
Minimal yet edgy, this nail art gives you the best of both worlds. All you have to do is colour all your nails in a nude or neutral shade first. Once it is completely dry, add a glossy top coat to seal it all in. After the top coat has fully dried, add a piece of scotch tape or stripping tape, at the tip in whatever direction you want. Add a colour of your choice just on the tip and pull the tape off before the nail paint dries. Add a final layer of top coat after the nailpaint has dried.

Chevron accent nail
This is a super easy nail art to add some twist to your regular mani. Paint your nails, except the ring finger nail in a colour of your choice. Choose a second nail colour to complement the current nail paint. Add some stripping tape or scotch tape to form a ‘V’ in the middle of the nail. Apply both the colours and peel the stripping tape before the nailpaint dries. Apply a top coat to seal it all in!

This nail art is the perfect example of a minimal nail art design and is also super simple! All you have to do is paint all your nails in a colour of your choice, preferably a dark colour. Use a lighter colour and a very thin brush to paint on thin lines across the nail in an abstract manner. Voila! You have your perfect minimal manicure.

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