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Glam up in 2019 with these makeup trends

by Arun Shirishkar

Make-up can make or break your looks. Be it post-wedding shenanigans or after-hours party, rock the nights in 2019 with these trending makeup looks.

  • Glitter Glamour
    While plain is classy, it get a tad bit boring, too! This season, it’s all about experimenting with glitter—on eyes, lips or cheeks. The choice is yours! You can never go wrong with glitter unless you let it spill all over your face. It’s sexy but needs an expert’s hand to make it work. Don’t be shy to sport a bolder look, take some glitter and dab it in the middle of your eyelids on your regular eye shadow for a sultry look. You can also put it on the middle of your lips over your lipstick or on your cheekbones for a glam diva look.
  • Colour Blocking
    While complementing your outfit with same or similar tone make-up is definitely a safe option, opting for a contrasting shade is the taste of the season. If you dare to go bold, put a contrasting eye shadow or lipstick and sport a unique look. Don’t hesitate to use brighter shades and be a showstopper.
  • Go Earthy
    If you are not willing to give wilder looks a shot and want to keep it simple and subtle, this look is for you. Nude make-up is fail-proof, goes well with almost all outfits and sits perfect for every occasion. However, no make-up look is easier said than done. Befriend earthy-tone palettes and shades. To give it a twist, contour your face well and keep it mostly matte. The idea is to ‘ace the base’—conceal properly and make sure your base is clean and not cake-y.
  • Monochrome Mode
    Hollywood celebrities have been acing this look and that’s all the push you need to give it a try. Take a break from usual smoky eyes and opt for a bold lip colour and similar tone eye shadow—say pink lips and pink eyes like our own desi girl Priyanka Chopra. An elegant way to achieve this look is to choose lighter tone of the colour on eyes and deeper one on lips or vice versa.

Create your own look

A Classic Diva

You love partying but hate experimenting with your make-up look? Or simply put, you want a hassle-free look, which can easily be transformed into a sultry evening look from a usual day one. Here’s what you need—a red lipstick and a black eyeliner. This look can never go off the trend chart.

Once you’re done with your base, paint your lips in bold red shade and put a thick winged eyeliner. You can use mascara to make your eyes look bigger and get rid of the fatigue. Highlight the high-points of your face and add a flush of colour to your cheeks by putting a bit of blush. It’s optional though, as your red lips will be the deal-breaker.

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