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It’s 2019! Let’s give smoky eyes a new twist

by Arun Shirishkar

Smoky eyes is the favourite go-to option of make-up artists around the world. But its a brand new year, so we thought of giving it a new twist!

While most of us love accentuating our eyes by applying a thick eyeliner and bold eye shadow, one can’t deny the fact that smoky eye look is a lot sexier. Smudging a kohl or a dark side eye shadow to create a smooth crease-less effect makes eyes look bigger and bolder.

With the changing year, this trend has evolved, glamorously. Earlier it was all about creating a smoky effect with a classy combination of black and grey shades. Use of peppy, bright and bolder hues has now brought a trendier twist to this look. While trying this look now, make sure you keep aside shades of black and try different colours. Pick the darker hue from your favourite eye shadow palette and apply it from the lash line towards the crease. “The trend has rather taken a ‘colourful’ twist; go ahead and use shades like deep green, dark blue, bright pink, or even metallic shades of copper and silver. Keep one thing in mind—use the right technique,” says Shama Sharma, freelance make-up artist and bridal make-up expert.

The technique

To achieve the best result with smoky eye make-up, one thing to master is the technique to do it. Smoky eye make-up is all about smooth smudging of the colour without sharp lines. It has to be properly blended for a softer look especially around the crease line and corners. “The eye shadow should be properly smudged. To smudge the eye shadow, run a crease brush along the lids—from lash line towards the crease. Smudge the same shade of eye shadow on the lower lash line as well. Complete the look with an eyeliner and lots of mascara,” explains Shama.

Though the smoky eye look already makes the eyes pop, to accentuate its effect further use lighter shade eye shadow or a highlighter around the inner corner of the eyes and on the brow bones. This will not only highlight the eyes but will also help to soften the lines giving a polished look.

Two to tango

To add another twist to this look, you can also use two colours—either a lighter and darker shade of the same colour or two complementing/ contrasting colours. The technique remains the same—no harsh lines and proper blending of colours. It will be ideal to use the darker colour on the outer corner.

It does take some practice to master this look. But the smoky eyes look is timelessly sexy. That’s ample reason to attempt it, isn’t it?

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