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Kiehl’s launches Healthy Skin Assessment Tool to take skin-care consultation to the next level

by Professional Beauty India

Kiehl’s India has always recognised new ways to connect with its consumers, giving them an omnichannel experience with the best of technology and expert suggestions via the Kiehl’s Customer Representatives.

The company has historically provided complimentary skin-care consultations, and its newly launched Healthy Skin Assessment Tool will only take it to the next level. In the dynamic world filled with technological advancement, this tool has been selected by educational experts at Kiehl’s to provide an assessment of two attributes of healthy skin – the strength of the skin barrier and the hydration of the epidermis. The tool comes with a Kiehl’s designed customer-facing app to personalise the experience for the customer.

Shikhee Agarwal, AVP, Kiehl’s India, has said, “Kiehl’s has focused on each consumer interaction with great care and this tool would surely enhance the experience. The pandemic has taught us how technology and moving ahead is an integral part of life, and hence, the Healthy Skin Assessment Tool would help consumers in contactless shopping. This combined with the virtual consultation offered on the website is surely a gamechanger in the skincare industry.”

The Kiehl’s Customer Representative is an integral and trustworthy part of the brand’s shopping experience and is crucial to personalise the results and recommendations. The use of the diagnostic tool and iPad with the branded app adds a modern, measurable and scientific element to the consultation. The Healthy Skin consultation experience promotes product trial and repeat engagement with the Kiehl’s Customer Representative and the store. Most customers would purchase at least one of the products recommended by the Kiehl’s Customer Representative and would return for a follow-up consultation.

Overall, the consultation experience with the new HSA tool serves the customers’ needs in a unique, relevant, and modern way while reinforcing what they know and love about the company.

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