We are bringing to you a brand-new offering from the house of Professional Beauty – the Professional Beauty and Hairdressers Journal India magazine.  

Professional Beauty, a 35-year-old global brand is today one of the top five beauty media and events businesses in the world, operating across the UK, South Africa, Middle East, Thailand, and India. Hairdressers Journal International, popularly known as HJ, is a 138-years-old legend brand for the global hairdressing community. And we are amalgamating both brands to give the India and South Asia salon and spa community access to one of our most iconic offerings.

The Professional Beauty and Hairdressers Journal India Magazine, our new bi-monthly offering, will be exclusively available in a pandemic safe, digital format using the latest digital publishing platform allowing enhanced reader experience from December 2020. 

Each edition will cover all sectors of the industry. We will track and feature trends in India and across the globe. Regular features will include salon profiles, company profiles, industry (beauty, hair, spa, and business) news, all the latest product news and innovations, HR guidance, digital marketing tips, legal advice and columns from business experts.

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